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Friday November 30 2007
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Robb Wolf is finally branching out and offering Jazzercise classes
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Derek 2007-11-29
Any prescribed weight on the KB Cross Chops? I looked back to the last time we did them and didn't see a weight there either.

We all know that Jazzercise is the future for Crossfit affiliates! With Robb leading the charge how could it fail.

It does look like some good DROM warm ups
Dr. G 2007-11-29
My wife went to some Jazzercise classes this week (they give a week free)--I'll be honest, the smile on her face is totally worth me keeping my mouth shut. That and she hated doing joint mobility with me! "Too boring, when do we work out?"

As long as she does some strength training to go along with it, it's all good to me...
Geoff Aucoin 2007-11-29
You offer pole dancing and I'm there!!
David 2007-11-30
Snatch Push Press + OH Squat: 5 reps, 155 heaviest
PC + PP + PJ: 3 sets warm up to 3 sets 155 lbs
3 rds 4:04
Mike Donnelly 2007-11-30
SPP+OHS 1+2 (75 form and depth)
60% Cl+PP+PJ (95)

20 chops (35 db)
15 PU
3 rounds in 7:25

finished with a 4th set of chops to even things out and some dip work.
Keith 2007-11-30
Rugby match tomorrow so did tomorrow's today. Didn't push to limit.

Mobility drills
Snatch to 65kg
Clean and jerk to 90kg
Squat to 130kg
Windmills 2 x 5/side @10kg

It's becoming painfully clear that my thoracic mobility and hence shoulder flexibility leaves a lot to be desired. I guess Robb's article came just in time.
Robb Wolf 2007-11-30
And one, and two...tighten-and-tone...go for...the burn...
Stuart Orr 2007-11-30
Did tomorrow's wod today. Will be in Chicago.

Dynamic stretching and foam roller work for thoracic vertebrae
Power Snatch up to 145 lbs for a single
Clean and jerk up to 185. clean was easy, The jerk needs lots of work.
Back squat up to 335x1
glute ham raises x 6

kb cross chops
Saxon side bends

Stuart Orr
Scotty Hagnas 2007-11-30
Joint mobility + rolling my scapula on the tennis ball.
A few handstands and straddle planches with the am class.
Sn PP + OHS 1+2: 75,95,115,135,155,165 Felt pretty good.
PC+PP+PJ: 125 for 3 sets
Press: 122.5x3; 125x3
3 rounds:
50m sprint (25 out and back)
20 KB cross shops 36#
15 pullups
4:07' Grip smoked! Pullups are pain free again - woohoo!
Dr. G 2007-11-30

Joint mobility

Gymnastics "moves":
5 HSPU (+1)
15 pullups
15 alternating pistols R/L (+7 per leg, balance greatly improving!)
15 35# KB single leg DL L/R
11 KTE (+1)
11 bar dips (+1)
11 inverted parallel bar pullups (I like these better than shrugs, a BW inverted "upright row" to the sides)
15 dowel OHS
7 spinal extensions
15 GHD situps
15 full-depth parallette pushups plus
15 body rows
15 wall squats
15 decline situps
15 unweighted reverse hyperextensions

Today's 11/30/07 CA WOD:
Snatch push press + OHS (heavy single x 1+2): 70kg x 1+2, done in a sketchy area so I kept the weight under control
Power clean + push press + push jerk (60% x 3 sets): 53kg x 3 sets

Shoulders are frickin' tired!

12pm (noon):

3 minutes warmup on NordicTrack x-country skier

Today's CA WOD metcon, with some minor mods
3 rounds for time of
25m sprint to the tire
10 10# sledgehammer tire hits
10 35# KB cross chops
25m sprint back to the pullup bar
10 pullups (reduced by 5 each round due to earlier gymnastics exercises)

Biceps are frickin' tired! Smoked is a good word for how I feel too!

Followed by a big lunch of ~1.5 bags of salad and 1/2# of turkey/chicken.
mrbourgot 2007-11-30
Weight in kg:

1 Snatch push press + 2 overhead squat
Failed the OH squat forwards

Power clean + push press + push jerk

3 rounds for time of:
50 single unders
20 16kg KB cross-chops
15 kipping pull-ups
Time 5.23

Cheers, Pete
AW 2007-11-30
Snatch push press + overhead squat 1+ 2 up to heaviest set possible 65#/75/95/105/110/120/130
Power clean + push press + push jerk 60% x 3 sets (95#)

3 rounds for time of:
50 jump rope
20 KB cross-chops (25#)
15 pull-ups
John Messano 2007-11-30
SnPP+OHS up to 155
PCln+PP+PJ 135, 3 sets

3 rnds:
sub'd rope skipping, a mix of double & single unders
20 cross-chops w/ 35lb DB
15 kipping PUs

Jesse Woody 2007-11-30
Snatch PP + OHS x 1+2: 45x1+2+2, 95x1+2, 135x1+2, 155x1+2, 185x1+2, 205x1+2


Elbow was flaring up a bit, so skipped the conditioning. Looking forward to heavy lifting tomorrow!
derek 2007-12-01
SN PP + OHS up to 115 lots of little increases.
PC + PP + PJ worked up to 3 sets at 106

really wiped out this evening so
5 pu
20 35 SB Chops
5 pu
20 35 SB Chops
5 pu
20 35 SB CHOPS
5 pu
20 35 SB CHOPS
5 pu

Allen Yeh 2007-12-03
November 30, 2007
shoulder prehab circuit 5:
EQI Pushup - 12
prone T - 8 x 12
plate halos - 10 x 6CL/CCL

glide kip - 3 ( rings not high enough)
skin the cat x 3
foot mobility drills ~20m
thoracic mobility - 2 x 5
leg swings side to side + front to back - 10L/R
lunge w/lateral flexion (forward)- 5L/R
inverted hamstring (forward) - 6L/R

Burgener WU - 45 x 1
3 pos. snatch - 45 x 1

snatch push press + Overhead squat - 45 x (1+2), 45 x (1+2), 95 x (1+2), 135 x (1+2), 155 x (1+2), 165 x (1+2), 175 x (1+2), 185 x (1+1)PR!!
(rest 60 seconds)

power clean + push press + push jerk - 135 x 1, 135 x 1, 135 x 1
(rest 60 seconds)

rack jerk (behind the neck)- 45 x 2L/R, 95 x 1L/R, 145 x L/R, 175 x 1L/R, 195 x 1R
(rest 60 seconds)

tall snatch - 95 x 2, 95 x 1
KB windmill - 24 KG x 5L/R, 5L/R, 5L/R

-Incorporating the diesel crew shoulder prehab stuff
-Mobility drills from Mike Boyle + Mark Vestergen
-snatch push press + OHS - PR for OHS!
-power clean + push press + push jerk - Felt great!
-Rack Jerk - Not a big fan of doing these in the power rack, I felt like the platform was too short.
-Tall snatch - Need to do more of these.
joe wheeler 2007-12-05
sn pp + ohs 1 + 2 up to 55kg (stopped by a recurring pain in the right wrist)

pc + pp + pj x 3 sets @ 50kg

3 rounds
50m sprint
20 cross chops with 16kg DB
15 kipping/jumping ring pull-ups
Gordon Limb 2007-12-29
Snatch PP + OHS (1+2) 95, 115, 135, 145, 155 (1 OHS)
Clean + PP + Push Jerk 95 x 3

3 rounds for time:
sub'd 100 jump ropes for 50m sprint b/c thunderstorm
20 KB cross chops 16kg
15 kipping pull-ups

155lb is new PR for OHS - although I haven't tested that in a while. Looking forward to test day.
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