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Friday December 7 2007
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Derek 2007-12-07
Snatch balance – 45 X 2, 61 X 2, 81, 101, 91, 81 X 1 X 2

Tall snatch + hang power snatch – 61, 71, 81, 91, 101 X 1 X 5

Righteous Complex. Seriously that is just what I needed to work on my shrug. Tried to be extremely fast and explosive. It was weird but the tall snatch was a lot easier than the HPS. In fact I could have done more weight with the tall snatch but I was having trouble with the HPS getting directly OH.

I have had plenty of MetCon in the last two days plus I have BJJ at 11:00 today so only P/U's for me. I need plenty of practice on them anyway.

Kipping P/U's
5 sets 8 reps
John Messano 2007-12-07
Sn Balance - 45, 65, 95, 105, 135

Tall Sn + HPSn - 45, 65, 95x3

It could be that in my Snatch Balance, my arms were locked before I hit the bottom of the Squat. That was my fear response. Otherwise, that felt correct. I love that movement!

Yet I had the opposite experience of Derek. I was fearful executing the Tall Snatch. Will I be fast enough? Or will my head smash into the bar on the way under?

And my HPSnatch felt a lot easier AFTER the Tall Snatch. While generating so much more momentum in the Hang position, I was concern that I would Snatch the bar violently over- and behind my head, with it landing somewhere behind my back with a crash.

Metcon as rx'd

Great Workout!
Dr. G 2007-12-07
Today's CA WOD:

Snatch Balance (heavy single, 90% of heavy x 1, 80% of heavy x2): 64kg x 1, 59kg x 1, 59kg x 2, could have gone heavier
Tall Snatch + Hang power snatch (take to heaviest tall snatch x 5 sets): 29kg x 1, 34kg x 1, 36.5kg x 1 x 3 sets, tall snatches felt loopy at the end, HPS's felt good

Metcon, 4 rounds of:
10 jumping lunges
5 clapping pushups (I like these, I'd never done them before)
10 kipping pullups
Just right.

Gymnastics work will be done this weekend after the heavy stuff tomorrow.

Did I mention the Jehovah's Witnesses came back today, this time during my OL segment? Being that I have a hard time breaking the Golden Rule (the only "religious" rule I think is necessary), I let them talk to me during my rest periods. By doing that, I may have gained a new training client. Once they are training with me, I'll let them know that I really don't want to hear it anymore.

I did let them know that I felt that physical strength was the foundation of mental and spiritual strength. I'm hoping I'll get to go to Coach Burgener's upcoming sermon on high in Flagstaff the 29th...Go hard, go heavy, or get out of my iron church!

Oh boy, that might make it worse... :-)
derek 2007-12-07
Your passion is duly noted Dr. G.

What can I say fellows I am an odd one on those tall snatches.
Xi Xia 2007-12-07
Just did the lifts and felt pretty tired in general.

Snatch Balance - worked up to 155. On video (which I accidentally deleted!), it seems like I'm not getting under fast enough. After I heave it up, my feet jump a little and remake contact with the ground. My thigh angle to my torso (upright) is about 45-60 degrees when my feet just remake contact with the ground.

Should I be even lower? Looks like I need to after comparing myself to Aimiee on the snatch balance video.

Tall snatches - worked up 85. For tall snatches, is there any knee bend/dip before the pull? Do you just shrug and extend up to your toes and then pull under? my knees bend and dip slightly before the pull at 85.

No video of Greg Tall Snatching on Pmenu??? Greg, quit short changing me with your sweet free WODS!

Btw, here is the video of my PR 145 snatch/power snatich a couple of weeks ago. Critique away and any feedback would be appreciated. I've realized that I rarely pull under a snatch with thighs below parallel. My butt tends to tuck under if I go that low so I'm working my way down there.


Greg Everett 2007-12-07
XX –

Snatch Balance - Attempt to receive the bar as low as possible (but not rock bottom--you want a couple inches to absorb the force). If you receive higher, ride it down into a full squat and try harder next time.

Tall Snatch - No knee bend or hip flexion to start. This drill is intended to improve your pull UNDER the bar, not your ability to elevate the bar through a short ROM. We are working on all new videos for the site.

In regards to your snatch:

1. In your starting position, push your knees back slightly and keep your shoulders in the same place. Your shoulders are too far back and your hips too low here.

2. Stay back! Your weight shifts to your toes way too soon – keep your weight just behind the middle of your feet, and try to keep it there for the duration of the lift. Your weight will shift forward on the feet when you scoop, but that will take care of itself.

3. Be patient with the hips and knees. Don’t intentionally scoop – this is a natural phenomenon that will occur as it should if you’re in the correct positions and moving and the correct speed. Your knees begin driving forward the moment the bar passes them, and this exaggerates the existing forward inclination of the weight.

4. The above leads to your hips banging into the bar and the bar swinging out from your body, which then pulls you forward even more. Focus on keeping the elbows turned out to the sides as you pull under the bar – this will encourage the bar to stay close to you. 1-4 are what lead to your jumping forward in order to receive the bar.

5. Because of the imbalance created by 1-4, you’re unable to complete the extension of your knees – this is just robbing you of potential acceleration.

6. Good overhead position – shoulders are back and up – but be careful with your head. I’d like to see it facing completely forward instead of tilted back.

7. Depth will come with time. Keep stretching and squatting. As you become more able to reach that bottom position, keep up the OHS and snatch balances to make sure you’re strong and confident down there.
XX 2007-12-07
Thanks for the feedback.

I have many points of inflexiblity but one really limiting one is shoulder external rotation/full extension with arm over head. Pass throughs have helped but trying to find other activities that will stretch it as well. Going hit the anatomy again to understand what muscles need to be stretched.

1. Got it. When my hips come up, my lower back rounds. Will find that sweet spot though.

2 & 3. So the bar should be higher on my thigh and my legs straighter before the scoop.

5. Right in front of me but didn't see it!

Thanks again and can't wait for the new videos
josh 2007-12-07
snatch balance, max= 145 90%= 135 80% 115
tall snatch and hang power snatch- 45, 65, 75, 95, 95

4 round
5 clapping pushups
10 jumping lunges
15 kippling pullups
Mike Donnelly 2007-12-07
I'm with Derek on this one. The tall snatches felt really cool and I felt like I was quicker and hitting a better position with more active and supportive shoulders.

My weights are still negligible, but going up as the ROM is increasing.

snatch balance up to 75 with decent form
tall snatch + hang power snatch up to 65

Metcon 5:35 including mt first and second and third....and 20th clapping pushups ever.

Mike Donnelly
ec 2007-12-07
sn bal - up to 100#, then 90, then 80X2. felt good
tall sn + hand p sn 50#x3, then 55x2 felt not as good.

metcon 7.20. open blisters = broken pullups.
(how do we count jumping lunges? i assumed L and then R forward = 1))
AW 2007-12-07
Snatch balance – heavy single; Then 90% of that single x 1, 80% x 1 x 2 115/125/135/145/150 + 135 + 100
Tall snatch + hang power snatch – take to heaviest tall snatch for 5 sets 95/95/100/105/110(1)

4 rounds for time of:
10 jumping lunges
5 clapping push-ups
10 pull-ups
Time: 5:19
Scotty Hagnas 2007-12-08
Bummed out that I had to miss this one!
Jeff G 2007-12-08
Snatch Balance: 150#
Tall Snatch - Hang Snatch (Forgot the 'power' part): 88#

MetCon: 4:00

Next time I'll try the Jumping Lunges with a Tuck at the top.
Derek Maffett 2007-12-08
Too bad, Scott. I wanted to compare times.

10 jumping squats
5 clapping push-ups
10 kipping pull-ups


I wasn't sure what jumping lunges were - I assume switching the forward leg each jump? So I did (more work?) jumping squats instead.
Allen Yeh 2007-12-11
December 7, 2007
foot mobility ~15m
thoracic mobility - 3 x 5
leg swings - front to back and side to side - 10L/R
band dislocates - 10
split squat - 5L/R
lateral squat - 5L/R
rotational squat - 5L/R
inverted hamstring (forward) - 8L/R
circuit 1:
db retraction - 20 x 12L/R
db protraction - 20 x 12L/R
posterior capsule stretch - 12L/R

Burgener WU - 45 x 1
2 position clean - (above knee hang, floor) - 45 x 2, 95 x 1, 135 x 1, 135 x 1, 135 x 1, 135 x 1, 135 x 1
(full rest 30 seconds)

power clean + push jerk + jerk - 45 x (1+1+1L/R), 45 x (1+1+1L/R), 95 x (1+1+1R), 135 x (1+1+1L), 145 x (1+1+1R), 145 x (1+1+1R),145 x (1+1+1R), 145 x (1+1+1L)
(full rest 30 -45 seconds)

snatch balance - 45 x 3, 95 x 1, 115 x 1, 135 x 1, 145 x 1, 155 x 1, 135 x 1, 125 x 1, 125 x 1
(full rest 45 seconds)

tall snatch + hang power snatch (above knee) - 45 x 2(1+1), 95 x (1+1), 115 x (1+1), 125 x (0+1), 125 x (1+1), 125 x (1+1), 125 x (0+1)
(full rest 45 seconds)

kipping pull-ups - 9 (rack was rocking and rolling)

4 rounds for time of:
10 jumping lunges
5 clapping push-ups
10 kipping pull-ups (done on rings, 1/2way through the 3rd set these turned into jumping pullups, 4th set all jumping pullups)
Total time - 3:43

-Incorporating the diesel crew shoulder prehab stuff
-Mobility drills from Mike Boyle + Mark Vestergen
-CA WOD 4DEC07 + 7DEC07 -Technique days
-2 position clean - felt fine
-push jerk + jerk - I thought I was doing 155 for my last sets until I realized my adding mistake, I could definitely go up
-snatch balance - muscle/power snatched the first few sets then power cleaned, push jerked the 145 and 155. These felt really good today
-tall snatch + hang power snatch - tall snatches felt great today even if I missed 2 with 125.
-Metcon - The 3rd round 1/2 of the pullups were jumping, and the 4th round all jumping.
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