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Saturday December 8 2007
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TomR 2007-12-08

Your posts on squats are terrifically instructive.

I'd love to see some diagrams to accompany the text. (Including diagrams of high bar v. low bar squats.) Perhaps you'd put this together in a Perf Menu article.

Being an "immature squatter," or perhaps a "geriatric rehab squatter," I can use the help.
Greg Everett 2007-12-08
Tom -

I've been meaning to do that for quite a while. Unfortunately I'm having trouble finding the time to take all the necessary photos, etc. One of these days.
Max Shank 2007-12-08
I've been working on my ankle flexibility for the last month and a half and I have seen improvement in my squatting, less rounding of the back and maximum depth, more efficient drive from the bottom. Nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks this is true. Your post is great.

Now for today's #'s
Snatch: 190
C+J: 268
FS: 341

Up from last week, all PR's except for FS which I just wasn't feeling (probably tired and a bit sore from BJJ). Really enjoying this cycle.
Robert Wolf 2007-12-08
One of our clients, a former professional cancer (legit, no pole work) has had a lifetime of foot and knee problems. She has made remarkably slow progress in both the squat and dead lift over the past year despite "very" flexible hamstrings and quads. A closer analysis of her squat showed little anterior tibial movement during her squat. Aggresive gastroch and soleus stretching, plus adjustment of the talus on one ankle from Dr. John Fragoso has produced a legit, ass to ankles squat, remidied her foot pain and made us look like geniuses. If only we figured this out a year ago...
Mike Donnelly 2007-12-08
Snatch :125X2 caught them both way out front. finished with 115
C&J: 140 barely got under the bar at top
FS: 155 (working on form)

all weight up, form feels a little better
Derek 2007-12-08
Snatch up to 125 missed 135 4 times
C&J up to 165 missed 171 2 times

No FS or Metcon had to go to Flag Football with JR where he scored his first touchdown on a passing play and had another called back for stepping out of bounds

Crossfit in the Park with Leo and Monique from www.crossfitevolution.com at 1:00 today.
Derek 2007-12-08
Very nice summary Greg. I missed the original discussion but enjoyed reading this.
XX 2007-12-08
snatch today

Lets see if I can add embed the video link directly. If i can't, it is here:

Felt good for the workout. Taking Greg's instruciton, trying to be more patient and lift the bar higher on my thigh before the scoop. Kept my feet down longer before rocking onto the balls of my feet. Don't want to overthink it too much but next time, going to focus on heels for all the pulls. Still early?

Snatched to 115, jumped to 135, failed 5 times! Just couldn't lock out the arms and stick it, became much less patient as the weight started feeling heavy.

C & J, 185 - 195(f)

Front Squat - 270, old PR from months ago was 235.

Greg Everett 2007-12-08
XX -

In that first demo, watch your back angle as you rise - Your hips lead and leave your shoulders behind. Essentially what we want is the back angle of the starting position to remain the same until the scoop begins - bring the hips and shoulders up together.

The 115 snatch is better in regards to back angle, but you still have a little of this going on. Your start position is pretty good, but that you raised your hips just slightly as the bar neared your knees suggests that your hips were just a little too low in that start position. Something you can try is working backward - that is, get into the hang position and lower the bar to the floor, maintaining your back angle, and basically reverse engineer the position.

Now pause the video at the moment your feet leave the floor (the necessary beginning of the third pull). Your body is perfectly vertical. Stand profile in a mirror and muscle snatch a bar slowly and watch its path - it must travel forward a bit and move back into place overhead. Basically to create a vertical bar path during the 3rd pull, your body must lean back and get out of the way. This doesn't need to be dramatic, but just enough to prevent disrupting that ideal bar path.

That aside, you do a good job of not letting the bar swing too far out and have a pretty aggressive turnover, which compensated for the forward path of the bar, but you'll notice you had to jump forward to receive the bar. Also, yes, you were definitely more patient, and that scoop occurred when and how it should have, and the knees actually extended all the way.

Even without the "fail" titling, I could have told you that 135 would be a miss the moment it hit your hips. Early on the toes/scoop, and nowhere near as fast as the 115. Bar was kicked out quite a bit more, and with that vertical body, we all know what results.
xx 2007-12-08
I will try raising my hips a little more. The more I raise my hips, the harder it is for me to keep an extended lower back...just not flexibile enough yet. My arms are fairly wide and maybe I'll bring the grip in a little to give me a little more arm length to work with.

Patience is hard and that makes sense with the backlean. Thanks for taking the time to coach me! I'm an Ultimate Frisbee player and short sprints, changes in direction are the predominant movements in the sport. Can't wait to transfer the O-lifting's triple extension/flexion into my sprints and agility drills.
AW 2007-12-08
Snatch max single 95/110/115/120 (+15)
Clean & jerk max single 125/135/145 &150(made c, failed j)
Front squat max single 95/145/155/165/170 (+15)

3 sets of:
20 russian twists 10% BW
front plank near max time
lateral plank near max time
Carney 2007-12-09
SN 67.5 (PR)
CJ 85 (PR)
FS 90

BW 65
Age 35

PR's were made Saturday at the Team Montana Fall Open meet, held at CrossFit Missoula. Started O-lifting 2yrs ago when I found CrossFit. Been trying to integrate more O-lifting into my CrossFit WODs with mixed success. Looks like I lucked out and caught you guys at the front end of the cycle. Think I'll hang out here for awhile.

Thanks Greg, for posting the workouts and answering questions.
John Messano 2007-12-09
Sn 120lbs
C&J 165lbs
FS 175lbs
John Messano 2007-12-09
Front Plank 1:47
Side Plank -L :47; R 1:01
Jeff G 2007-12-09
Sn: 137#
CJ: 198#
FS: 264
Dr. G 2007-12-10
Raining really hard today. Since I OL outside, I decided to skip this until tomorrow. I'm also seeing signs that I am under-recovering, I'm going to nip this in the bud.

Did gymnastics "moves" workout in my garage.

Joint mobility

Handstand pushup 5
Rings L-pullup 3 (new)
Pistols alternating L/R 15
1-leg Stiff-legged Deadlift with 20# per hand 15 R/L
Rings Knees-to-Elbows 8 (extended to full ROM as on PMenu's demo video instead of just touching KTE)
Rings Dips 6 (new)
Rings Inverted hang pullups 6 (new)
Wall squats 15
Rings Inverted pike to inverted hang 8 (an attempt at a posterior chain exercise)
V-ups 10 (new)
Rings body rows with elevated feet 8 (new)
Rings pushups 10 (new)
Overhead squats w/ dowel 15
Headstand leg lifts 6 (another attempt at a posterior chain exercise)
Straight-leg situps 7
ec 2007-12-10
solid post, greg.
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