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Tuesday December 18 2007
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XX 2007-12-18

My arms bend early on the lifts as the weights get heavier. Trying to keep them straight but it isn't natural yet. I have heard and read that when "the arms bend, the power ends". I haven't heard an explanation of why that is case though. My guess is that when the arms bend, the trapezius is engaged and that takes the trapezius out of action for the shrug during the third pull. Can you explain why the power ends?
Derek Simonds 2007-12-18
XX, I have always thought of my arms as cables on a crane. When you are applying force rapidly to the weights your arms have to be taut like a cable to effectively transfer the force generated by the legs, hips and upper back to the bar. Once the arms have bent there is no way for the force to continue to the bar.

I am sure that Greg's explanation will be significantly more detailed.

Tall clean + clean 61 X 2, 81 X 2, 101 x 5 sets

3 rounds for time of:
500 m row
10R, 10 L KB power clean + push jerk 36 LB's

12:31 It is colder than normal in the garage and I wasn't ready for the effect of the cold air on my lungs. I rowed a 1:39 with Leo's 500 technique and paid the cost metabolically. Other than that great workout.

John Messano 2007-12-18
Tall Cl + Cl - 95 x 5 sets

Metcon as rx'd. 35lb. 10:19
Carney 2007-12-18
TC+C 30kgx5

Used two 30# dumbbells.
Dr. G 2007-12-18
It's a wonderful day for an easy WOD...

Tall clean + clean (light weight x 5 sets): 29kg x 5 sets, plus some extra muscle cleans & high hang cleans

3 rounds for time of:
MODIFIED 25 15# CBs swipes
10 DB power clean + push jerk (20%BW) 25# DBs. OOPS, too heavy for Rx'd
Greg Everett 2007-12-18
XX - Basically what Derek said. Your arms cannot compete with the strength of the legs and hips. If they're bent before the final violent extension, they'll be forced to extend to some degree, which means some of the power of the legs/hips that could have been transferred to the bar has instead been absorbed by the straightening (possibly partial) of the elbows.
Derek Simonds 2007-12-18
Looking at what Dr G said I might have screwed up and made the metcon harder than was required. I read it as 20% BW per DB and 10 R / 10 L instead of 20% total for 2 DB's and doing both hands at the same time.
AW 2007-12-18
Tall clean + clean light weight x 5 sets (95#)

3 rounds for time of:
50 45# bent row
10 DB power clean + push jerk 20% BW (25#)
Time: 12:09
Dr. G 2007-12-18
Coach Greg,
For Derek and my sake, could we get confirmation on what today's metcon called for?

"10 DB power clean + push jerk 20% BW"

I guess the first question is whether the exercise is done with one or two DBs...does DB imply one DB, and DBs means two (that's how I differentiate the two types)?

If one DB, I know it is 5 L + 5 R. If two DBs, it is 10 total reps.

The %BW, from what I understand, is if it is a one DB exercise it weighs ~20%BW, if it is two DBs then they total 20%BW?

I don't see folks doing single DB power cleans + push jerks very often, so I assumed it was with two DBs.

My interpretation was to do 10 total reps per round, with two DBs that totalled 20% of BW (each DB is ~10% BW).

Obviously I'm being anal about getting this right, out of respect to your great CA WOD programming. Please indulge me.
Greg Everett 2007-12-18
DB exercises are 2-arm unless otherwise noted (e.g. 1-arm DB snatch). %BW is PER DB. 10 reps is total, but in this case it doesn't matter because you're doing both arms together.
Scotty Hagnas 2007-12-18
Aahh..I did the metcon right!

TC+CL: 95lbs all sets
Planche holds - 25 seconds total, broken
Adv. tuck planche pushupsX3
Skill work on handstands and bucket circles
Metcon, as Rx'ed. - 3 rounds:
Row 500m
10 DB PC+PJ 35# DBs
Dr. G 2007-12-18
Thank you, Coach Greg!

Derek and I will get it right next time, right Derek? Nice job, Scotty and the others who also did it correctly.

So who's doing the CA WOD FAQ? We're assembling a nice list of Q's here in the comments section, being trailblazers and all...
Mike Donnelly 2007-12-19
TC+Cl: 95 all sets

MetCon: 30 lb dbs 11:19
ec 2007-12-19
did the metcon on wed post-strength

a little over 11. 35# dbs (20% BW).
John Frazer 2007-12-19
Lack of sleep and a day from hell ...

Really just made this a practice session, did a bunch of pairs up to 65#.

Only one rower at the gym and a guy was using it, so I stretched pretty well and bailed. Should be well rested for tomorrow.
Jeff G 2007-12-19
Tall Clean + Clean: 110#

MetCon w/ 2x40#: 10:55
Allen Yeh 2007-12-20
December 19 , 2007
leg swings - 10L/R+F/B
arm swings - 10
lunge w/lateral flexion - 6L/R
inverted hamstring(backward) - 6L/R
wallslide - 10

Burgener Warmup - 45 x 1
OHS - 45 x 3
tall clean+clean 45 x 2(1+1), 45 x (1+1), 95 x (1+1), 115 x (1+1), 115 x (1+1), 115 x (1+1), 115 x (1+1), 115 x (1+1)
(full rest 30 seconds)

clean + Front squat - 165 x (1+3), 165 x (1+3), 165 x (1+3)
(full rest 60 seconds)

clean pull - 165 x 2, 195 x 2, 215 x 2
(full rest 45 seconds)

pullups - 5, 5, 5

3 rounds for time of:
250 m row
5 DB power clean + push jerk 35#DB's

Total time - 5:20

-Mobility drills from Mike Boyle+Mark Vestergen
-Mix of CA WOD 17 and 18DEC07 Short on time
-pull-ups - Took it easy, my right shoulder was making all kinds of noises w/ no pain though.
-Metcon - Short on time so I halved everything to get a quick metcon in. My right shoulder was making weird noises on all the push jerks, no pain though. Weird.
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