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Wednesday December 19 2007
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Jeff G 2007-12-18

What are you feelings about subbing weighted rope climbs for pull-ups? For instance, instead of 3 sets at max reps we could do three L-straddle climbs @ max weight? While this might not apply for this "rest week", what about other days?
Greg Everett 2007-12-18
I think that's fine some of the time - but rope climbing won't open the shoulder well--especially L climbs--so that eliminates the shoulder-health component, one of the big reasons I program pull-ups in so regularly.
John Messano 2007-12-19
1.Back Squats 185lb - 3 sets of 3

2.Sn Shrug 185, 185, 205 - 3 sets of 3

3.Rack Jerks* 155 - 5 sets of 1

4.Chin-ups (some kipping) 15, 11, 10 - grip a little fried from snatch grip shrugs

*discovered that the cause of a past shoulder/bicep injury may have been from letting my elbows drift inward in the rack position. I'm now avoiding the mistake.
Dave Wilson 2007-12-19
B Squats 300x3x3
Snatch Shrug 200x3x3
Rack Jerks 198x3x3
Chin ups 11, 11, 6
Carney 2007-12-19
BS 70 kg x3x3
SN shrug 67.5 x3x3
RJ 72.5 x1x5
Chins 10-10-10 reps
Dr. G 2007-12-19
Joint mobility + extra thoracic mobility and scapular retraction/depression work

Today's CA WOD:
Back squat (75% x 3 x 3): 100kg x 3 x 3, 1st set normal, 2nd two sets "B"
Snatch shrug (100% x 3 x 3): 70kg x 3 x 3, started with a snatch pull
MODIFIED KBs Jerks: 70#s x 3 x 5
Chin-ups (3 x near max): 14, 9, 7
Derek Simonds 2007-12-19
Back squat 45 X 3, 95 X 3, 135 X 3, 172.50 x 3 x 3
Snatch shrug 45 X 3, 95 X 3, 135 x 3 x 3
Rack jerk 65 X 3, 95 X 3, 135 x 1 x 5 (lighter than RX'ed but worked form)
Chin-ups 3 x 7

I had way to much fun in the form of Don Julio yesterday so my 5:30 AM workout felt a little less than fabulous. Thank God Don Julio is Paleo!
Allen Yeh 2007-12-19
Any suggestions on how I should cram M, T, W, F and Sa into W, Th and Fr?

I did a mixture of last Fridays and Saturdays workout yesterday.

I also won't be able to lift next week, so I figured I didn't need to go light this week.

Mike Donnelly 2007-12-19
BS: 3X155 (+ ROM)
Sn shrug: 3X 165
Rack Jerk: 125 (+ lockout but still needs work)
Chin-ups: 11,10,10 (really opened me up)
AW 2007-12-19
Back squat 75% x 3 x 3 (155#)
Snatch shrug 100% x 3 x 3 (120#)
Rack jerk 85% of best jerk x 1 x 5 (135#)
Pull-ups 3 x near max 13/6, 13/6, 9/6
Max sit
Max sit & pull x2
ec 2007-12-19
bs - 135#
sn sh - 105#
j - 120#

somehow i totally slept on the fact i wont be able to finish out the week due to traveling.... damn it.
Scotty Hagnas 2007-12-19
Press: 125x2x2x2
Jerk 175x1x1x1x1x1
BS: 225x3x3x3
Sn Shrug: 140x3x3x3
Pullups: 7x7x7 Went easy.
John Frazer 2007-12-20
Squat: 170#x3x3
Snatch shrug: 85#x3x3
Rack jerk: 115#x1x5
Chins: 8, 5, 5

Jerks were weak--I can push press 110 easily, but couldn't get under the bar fast enough on these.
Jeff G 2007-12-20
Back Squat: 230#
Snatch Shrug: 142# (Am I the only one who finds these extraordinarily awkward?)
Jerk: 176#
Chins: 3 x 10
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