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Wednesday December 26 2007
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John Frazer 2007-12-25
Do we do the side bends with the weight overhead, or hanging at the side?
John Messano 2007-12-26
Snatch (1RM=135) - 4 sets of 1 @ 115lb
C&J (175) - 4 sets of 1 @ 150
FS (185) - 3 sets of 2 @ 160

3 rnds:
20 DB Side Bends (30% of 175) - 55lb DB/alt. 10 ea side
15 anchored situps on the floor

Carney 2007-12-26
SN 50x1, 55x1, 57.5x1-B-F-F, 55x1
CH 50x1, 60x1, 65x1, 72.5xC-C, 65xC
FS 80x2x3

Nothing was sticking today. Coordination and timing were way off. Get the abs later.
Dr, G 2007-12-26
Only able to get the OL in this AM:

Snatch (85% x 1 x 4): 50kg x 1 x 4
C&J (85% x 1 x 4): 69kg x 1 x 4

Will use front squats to prep for the metcon later today.
Aimee 2007-12-26
Hanging at your side.
Eric Jones 2007-12-26
BW: 165

Sn: 135x1, 140x1x3

C&J: 165x1, 175x1x3

FS: 195x2x3

Weighted Ring Pushups, Supersetted w/Pendlay Rows: (45/165)x(6/4)x4

Tabata Row: Averaged 85m/interval
John Messano 2007-12-26
Aimee-your welcome to hang at my side all day.
AW 2007-12-26
Snatch 85% x 1 x 4 (110#)
Clean & Jerk 85% x 1 x 4 (135#)
Front Squat 85% x 2 x 3 (145#)

3 rounds for time of:
20 KB side bends 30% BW (45#)
15 GHD sit-ups (25#)
Scotty Hagnas 2007-12-26
Aahh.. back to the usual environment at CF PDX. The weights that seemed impossible on Monday were pretty easy today.

Press: 132.5 x2x2
SN: 120x1x1x1x1 Felt pretty good on these.
C&J: 180x1x1x1x1 Same.
FS: 230x2x2x2

3 rounds:
20 KB side bends w/53 lbs
15 GHD situps
Mill ladder later, plus SMR + range of motion work.
Dr. G 2007-12-27
Added on to earlier workout:

Kyphosis drills from Mr. Wolf

Muscle snatch + OHS + Snatch Balance (about medium-heavy): 39kg x 4 sets
Front squat (85% x 2 x 3): 94kg x 2 x 3
Overhead situps (15%BW/DB, 40 total): 25#DBs x 10,10,8,6,6

2 rounds for time
50m sprint to KB
20 1-arm KB swings (25%BW): 53#KB
2:30 rest, slightly extra due to retreiving the far KB from the alley so no one would drive over it in the dark, followed by
2 rounds for time
15 pullups
10 box jumps to tractor tire

Did a bit extra due to missing four days of workouts over the holidays, I'll likely do a small workout today too.
ec 2007-12-27
yay! back to the gym! made this up thurs. bit tough after 7 d w/o weights.

add mu sn + ohs + sn bal to start: 75# x 2 sets, 80# x 2

sn @ 85#
c+j @ 125#
fs @ 130#

4 rnd c&j little sloppy (pwr cln + fr sq, and slight pressouts)... definitely getting tired.
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