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Saturday December 29 2007
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ec 2007-12-29
sn - 95# (ended up being pwr sn followed by ohs)
c&j - 125#
fs - 140#

did a metcon from xf main site i had been wanting to catch up on: 5 min-3 min -1 min/ double unders-95# c&j
ended up with 322 double unders/32 c&j total.
ec 2007-12-29
greg -

at >85% of my snatch, i gravitate to pwr snatches. perhaps i should add in some "heavy" sn balance singles as warm up? any other assistance exercises you would suggest?
Greg Everett 2007-12-29
EC -

You can try warming up with snatch balances, but tall snatches may work better. Try doing tall snatch + snatch as you work up, then drop the tall snatch when you can no longer do it.
John Messano 2007-12-29
Snatch 2 sets of 1 @ 125lb
C&J 2 sets of 1 @ 160lb
FSq 2 sets of 2 @ 170lb

2 rnds - 1 min btw rnds:
sub'd 20 Pushups & 20 med. Box Jumps for Sprawl
20 Pullups
sub'd 20 DB OH Chops for BallSlam
500m Row

6:30, 8:45!

placing the row at the end of a metcon was dastardly!
ec 2007-12-29
got it. thanks, greg!
Scotty Hagnas 2007-12-29
Done yesterday, 2nd workout of the day. Felt pretty good even with having done Friday's workout a few hours earlier.

SN: 120x1x1
C&J: 185x miss; 175 x1; 180 x1 Getting fatigued now.
FS: 235 x2x2
Press 125 x2x2

2 rounds, 1 min rest btwn.
20 sprawl ball
20 pullups
20 ball slams
500m row
4:21', 4:58'
That was "fun". XX and I did the workout together, and not having the ball weights we needed - we mixed the weights to average ~10%. First round SB w/12 lbs and BS w/26 lb. 2ns round SB w/20lb and BS w/8lb.

We ran a couple of classes thru this one, too. Good workout.
AW 2007-12-29
Snatch 90% x 1 x 2 (95#/115/115)
Clean & Jerk 90% x 1 x 2 (145#)
Front Squat - 90% x 2 x 2 (155#)

max pushups & pullups x2
Adam Kayce 2007-12-29
Agree w/ Scotty that was "fun"... although I don't have weights, so I just did the metcon portion. It felt the perfect balance between muscular exhaustion and cardiorespiratory endurance (for me, at least), which is to say, I was breathing very, very hard, and felt like I got worked.

Definitely a keeper.
Jeff G 2007-12-30
Snatch: 130#
Clean and Jerk: 191#
Front Squat: 240#

MetCon w/ 20# balls: 15:05
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