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Thursday January 3 2008
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Karen Katzenbach of CrossFit Montgomery
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John Messano 2008-01-03
rest day - thank god! My body feels like one piece of tight aches.
Eva T. 2008-01-03
yes..it is awesome, but i want the "machines keep the wankers of the barbells shirt"
Dr. G 2008-01-03
Did yesterday's 100% attempts today. Important note--these were done with my new holiday presents, OL shoes and the adidas OL pants from Dynamic-Eleiko...

Snatch: 75kg PR (+6kg!)
C&J: 97.5kg PR (+6kg!), will break the 100kg mark next time!
Front Squat: 124kg (old max FS estimated at ~111kg, so an approx. 13kg PR!)

Happy Day! Glad I didn't do any extra metcon in the last couple days, even though I planned to.

It's gotta be 'da shoes...
Spider Chick 2008-01-03
OMG! I'm going shopping right NOW!
XX 2008-01-03
Snatch 130, hit all three, hips were at parallel or slight above, then lowered below for full depth.
C&J, 185(F), 185, 185(F). Last one was weird, the bar came up and hit me in the adam's apple and freaked me out a little.
WOD from Tuesday, 2:26 and 2:48. For the second round, I did the box jumps backwards and jumped backwards onto a shorter box. Fun!

Greg, at the heavier weights, during the second pull and as I scoop, my heels inevitably come up too soon and I end up launching the bar forward a little. I have been practicing transitioning the bar slowly from below the knee to mid thigh to the "explosion" point(hang?) and in reverese to feel the positions and keep my heels down during the scoop. At the top explosion position, my knees are flexed past my toes and I feel a considerable load on my quads. Is that correct?

What can I practice to keep my heels down and get my body to a full upgright position before all the extension?
Greg Everett 2008-01-03
XX -

If you mean you're practicing the scoop slowly, don't. Let that happen naturally, which it will only do at full speed. Try extensions (aka power shrugs) from different hang levels starting high and working lower, focusing on staying on your heels longer.
Justin Fricke 2008-01-03
Snatch Bombed all three atempts...goal was 87KG pretty upset but will train from 80KG

C/J 113KG almost had 122 but i got stuck at the bottom

FS 125KG

having hurt my back lst Feb. trying to qual for The National Collegiates i was pretty bummed (missed by 3KG in a previous meet) ti took it easy for a few months and really started traing hard the last 2-3 months....my old Snath was 85 KG and my C/J was 125--Hit 130 but my elbbow bent ;(...any way i want to rech my C/J PR in 2-3 months and would like to raise my Snatch to 90...heres to the new year...
tony y. 2008-01-03
The shirt's cool but that's one awesome athlete! Good work on your PR, grrl! Lots of hard work and maybe some good training along the way ;-)
Mike Donnelly 2008-01-03
DROM X4 during the day
Burg warm-up X2

hot tub
PNF hams, quads, glutes, calves
foam roller

trying to forget yesterday
Scotty Hagnas 2008-01-03
Felt pretty energetic today. Joint mobility + ROM work.
Adv. tuck planche pushups x4x4x3
Wtd pullups 36 x2x2; negative w/90lbs. Working to get back strength from a layoff on vertical pulling.
A few sets of tuck jumps, and some ladders with the clubbells.
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