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Wednesday January 2 2008
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  • Snatch – 100% x 1
  • Clean & Jerk – 100% x 1
  • Front Squat – 100% x 1

Post numbers and questions to comments.

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Derek Simonds 2008-01-02
Snatch up to 115 LB's
C&J same
FS up to 215 LB's NEW PR! Beat my last 100% by 15 LB's. I stopped at 215 as I felt my back begin to round over as I stood up.

My thumb is so sore this morning I couldn't hold the bar for the O/Lifts at all. I tried not using a hook grip but that didn't really help.

I am officially on a rest week, so see you fellows in 7 days!
Dr. G 2008-01-02
Did nothing yesterday.

Did yesterday's CA WOD today:

Snatch (70% x 1 x 4): 50kg x 1 x 4
Clean & Jerk (70% x 1 x 4): 74kg x 1 x 4, did push jerks

Lowered all weights to knee level, didn't drop them today.
John Messano 2008-01-02



Sn +5lbs
C&J +5lbs
FS - felt back rounding.

-need to focus more on FS. This is my weakness.
AW 2008-01-02
Snatch 100% x 1 (f/f/f/125)
Clean & Jerk 100% x 1 (135/145/155/160 jf)
Front Squat 100% x 1 (170/175/180) (+10)
ec 2008-01-02
sn - 105#, hit the first, failed at the second two. pulled the bar to shoulder height, but still having problems getting under.
c&j - 135#, hit all 3 pretty easy. perhaps a new pr soon!
fs - 155#, failed and knew the others would fail too. dropped to 135 for 2.
ec 2008-01-02
riiight... so you dont have to do all three. whoops.
Jeff G 2008-01-02
Huge PR's today!

Snatch: 155# (+18)
Clean and Jerk: 220# (+12#)
Front Squat: 276#
Jeff G 2008-01-02
So, my snatch went up so much mostly due to my warming up w/ Tall Snatch/Snatch complexes in order to improve my speed.

Is there something I could do to ensure that I go to full extension on the 2nd pull? Apparently I keep shorting it on both the clean and snatch.
Greg Everett 2008-01-02
Jeff -

You can try power snatch + snatch during your warm-up. Make sure your power snatch is exactly the same as your snatch. That should help force a full extension, but don't get lazy on the pull-under. You can also try high hang snatch + snatch. Or pwr + high hang + snatch.
Mike Donnelly 2008-01-02
That was brutal. Nothing was working right. Felt like everything was off tonight. Timing was off, felt sluggish and slow. Ugh

Sn: 105
C&J: 145
FS: 170

finished up with some light complexes.
On to stretching

Mike Donnelly
Scotty Hagnas 2008-01-03
Ugh... my experience sounds just like Mike's.
SN: seemed ok warming up, but failed 3 times at 135. 125 was ok. Bar was plenty high, just no confidence to drop under.
C&J: Here, I balked at getting under even 190.
FS: 260x1 Made this, but a grind.
Press 125x2
Stretched and called it a day.
mrbourgot 2008-01-03
In kg:

Snatch: 70-72.5-75(f). Didn't get it high enough. Pb 72.5
C&J: 90-95(f)-95. Missed the clean. Pb 97.5
Front Squat: 110-115-120(f). Nowhere near. Pb 115

Good sesh.

Cheers, Pete
mike 2008-01-03
Snatch: 80kg
C&J:100 kg 105failx3
Legs were shot so no FS

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