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Sunday January 6 2008
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Jacko 2008-01-05
whoa....horrible flexibility but nice gyno
mike 2008-01-06
Strangs linear algebra class is definitely worth viewing
Dr. G 2008-01-06
CA WOD from yesterday, done today 1/6/07:

Snatch (90% x 1 x 3): 67.5kg x 1 x 2, 70 x 1 x 1, did the last set heavier as I had started loading for the C&J too soon, so I did the heavier weight anyway.
Clean & Jerk (90% x 1 x 3): 86.5kg x 1 x 3, may have accidentally done it 4 times
Front Squat (90% x 2 x 2): 111.5kg x 2 x 2, man those feel good!

So my lifting was okay, my patience and my counting need some work though...

Metcon, 4 rounds for time of:
MODIFIED 50m out, 50m back shuttle run
12 kipping pullups
MODIFIED 5 inseam height hurdle tuck jumps
MODIFIED 50 high knee rope jumps
8 push presses with 35# (20%BW) DBs

I didn't get to do the box jumps earlier in the week and I haven't jumped rope in a long time, so I subbed for the second 50m run. Back on schedule for tomorrow!

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