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Tuesday January 8 2008
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John Messano 2008-01-08
Cleaning choice: Tall Clean - 3 sets of 3 @ 75, 95, 115

Snatch - 5 sets of 1 @ 115

C&J - 5 sets of 1 @ 145

Dr. G 2008-01-08
Today's CA WOD:

Clean & Jerk drill work, 1st round with pipe, 2nd with 20kg bar (my "extended" Burgener warmup all done with clean grip):

3 high hang jump shrugs, 3 hang high pulls, 3 muscle cleans, 3 power snatch lands, 3 front squats, 3 tall cleans, 3 presses, 3 push presses, 3 push jerks, 3 (left) jerks, 3 clean & jerks

Each set done on 3 minute interval
Snatch (80% x 1 x 5): 52.5kg x 1 x 5, felt good today
Clean & Jerk (80% x 1 x 5): 77.5kg x 1 x 5, #1,2,4 push jerk, #3 right, #5 left

Lots of rest, good weight, just right as usual!
Dr. G 2008-01-08
Oops, I meant "power clean lands", not "power snatch lands" in the warmup(s).
Jeff G 2008-01-08
Clean Complex: Tall Clean + High Hang Clean + Jerk @ 132# x 5
Sn: 125#
CJ: 176#

Weighted Rope Climbs @ 10, 20, 20
Scotty Hagnas 2008-01-08
Muscle clean+clean+jerkR+jerkL for ~ 10'
SN: 107.5x1x1x1x1x1
C&J: 160x1x1x1x1x1

Felt good today. This second Bulgarian cycle doesn't feel bad at all.
Mike Donnelly 2008-01-09
Felt sick during the day. Will make up on the rest day
Gordo 2008-02-06
(Yesterday, 2/5)
Tall Snatch, Tall clean drills - empty bar
Snatch 95 x 1 x 5
C&J 140 x 1 x 5
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