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Thursday January 10 2008
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ec 2008-01-10
wrist still busted, so plans to make up tues went awry. ended up with:

sn - 85# (80%x1X5).
too much pain for c&j, ended up fs 115# (80% of c&j x1x5) only

will have to make tomorrow uber light snatches only and hope to be able to lift on sat.
Sam Cannons 2008-01-10
Any guess on what he is lifting ?
Greg Everett 2008-01-10
Sam - Looks like 220 (484 lbs).
Sam Cannons 2008-01-10
Holy S*!@
josh everett 2008-01-11
If that was my last set it was 240k. I hadn't done a deadlift since June... it felt heavier than it should have!
Sam Cannons 2008-01-11
Josh, your one hell of an athlete !! Very Inspiring.

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