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Tuesday January 15 2008
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  • Snatch - 85% x 1 x 3
  • Clean & Jerk - 85% x 1 x 3

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ec 2008-01-15
sn - 85#
c&j - 115#

really trying to not add in much extra training, but had to do something. pulled 2-500 m rows: 1.38, 1.36.
Chad Brandt 2008-01-15
Snatch - 85% x 1 x 3 (125#x2)(135#X1)
Clean & Jerk - 85% x 1 x 3 (135#x3)

Felt better today, even though I am sick and sore! Still got'er done!
AW 2008-01-15
Snatch - 85% x 1 x 3 (105#)
Clean & Jerk - 85% x 1 x 3 (135#)
100m+ sprints after each set
AW 2008-01-15
time: 12:35
XX 2008-01-15
felt really sapped yesterday and today. 75% felt like 100%. Didn't finish the lifts and will get at it tomorrow.
Derek Simonds 2008-01-15
Really going Bulgarian today

AM Dynamic W/U B W/U 20 P/U's 20 POW Squats

SN 61 X 2, 81 X 2, 91 X 2, 95 X 2, 100 X 2, 110 X 2, 120 X 2

PM Dynamic W/U B W/U

C&J 95 X 2, 115 X 2, 135 X 2, 145 X 2, 155 X 1, 160 X 2

It was chilly this AM and my bed was muy comfortable, so I hit snooze twice. This put me behind schedule and I spent a lot longer in my warm up since it was so cold. I ran out of time so I did C&J tonight after I got home. 85% is tough but I keep ending up there for the last three days.
Scotty Hagnas 2008-01-15
Got in from California late last night, didn't get time to hit the workout. So, today I did a hybrid of yesterday's and today's work.

SN: 115x1x1x1 (85%); 120x1x1 (90%)
C&J: 170x1x1x1 (85%); 180x1x1 (90%)
Front squat: 235x2

Felt ok, not great. Of course, it could be because I worked out at 6 am - something that I never usually do....
Jeff G 2008-01-15
Sn: 135# (I finally got good extension on the last rep and the bar almost flew over arms reach.)
CJ: 186#
Mike Donnelly 2008-01-16

Caught my first "real" snatch after all of these drill and practice. Finally put everything together! I think all of my extra work on technique drills, stretching, and expanding ROM have been paying off. Still have a long, long way to go, but it was great to feel some success. Thanks Greg.

Sn: 95
C&J: 135
John Messano 2008-01-16
shoulder hurts, rest day
Gordo 2008-02-16
Snatch .85 x 1 x 3 100lb
C&J .85 x 1 x 3 150lb
Legs still sore from Painstorm

Thanks for the great coaching on Monday!

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