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Saturday January 19 2008
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Derek Simonds 2008-01-19
Best of luck everyone. I will be at the seminar so I doubt I am going to go for any new PR's

I can't wait to see what you guys and gals hit!
ec 2008-01-19
derek - im sure the seminar will ensure PRs next time around!

took a few extra attempts then i should have b/c misses were so close.

sn - 110# (10# PR from best full snatch, 5# from best power)
c&J - 145# (10# PR.... unfortunately, it was a power clean)

waaaay too smoked to attempt FS. I may hit that monday.

thank you greg for the awesome programming!
mike 2008-01-19
Snatch - 80, 81 kg (2 kg off best), 82miss
C&J- 100, 105miss, 105miss -( 5 kg off PR)

I felt pretty good but my timing was off. I think I need more lower intensity reps in the cycle to keep my form up. I also just need more leg strength.

Jeff G 2008-01-19
Sn: 159# (+32# from 4 weeks ago)
CJ: 230#, but missed Jerk (+32# from 4 weeks ago)
FS: 274# (+10#)

I was pretty rushed through the whole thing, so squats probably could have been a little better.
Dave Wilson 2008-01-19
Shoulder issues have plagued the Snatch the past couple weeks, shoulder felt great today but I was feeling a little nervous.

ch.Sn: 92k miss 92kmiss 92k miss
C&J: 126k miss 126k miss 126k new PR
FS: 150k PR 157k PR
Dr. G 2008-01-19
Enjoy the seminar, guys and gals!

Mike Donnelly 2008-01-19
Not a great day. I would have killed for a day like this before starting the cycle, but I may have spoiled myself with little moments of success. Still managed a couple of PRs

Sn: 105F, 105 caught in power position, 105F, 105 (+10)
C&J: 155F, 155 bent arms, 155 (+10)
FS: 185F, 185F, 185F

Thanks, Greg, for taking me through this cycle and for individual responses and encouragement. I originally thought I'd be one cycle and done, but I'm primed to work harder for the next one.
XX 2008-01-19
Snatch 145 (+10). Way forward, bar bounce.
Fried from snatch, C&J only to 185 previous PR. Going to do it again next week on another day.
FS: felt more rested when it came to front squats. 285 PR (+25).

sarena 2008-01-19
Seminar is awesome. Coach Greg and Aimee are amazing teachers! Great group of people too!
Scotty Hagnas 2008-01-20
Snatch: 125x1; 132.5x1 ;140x1 (PS); 145xmxm
Felt good and confident getitng under weights up to my old PR. Hit 140 (+5), but it was a power snatch. Failed at 145, though the weight was pulled plenty high. I just refused to drop under...

C&J: 165x1; 185x1 195xm
?? Tried too many snatches, I guess. 185 felt good, but that was it. Old PR was 200, so I didn't get close.
FS: 245x1; 265xmxm
Tanked here, too. 245 wasn't bad - 265 was going nowhere. Old PR 260.

Ready to rest, I guess.
Gordo 2008-02-16
Snatch 125, 130x, 130x
C&J 180, 185, 190x
Front Squat 205, 225x, 220
PRís on all 3 by 5,10,5 lbs from 4 weeks ago, 25, 35, and 5 lb from 8 weeks ago.

From the C&J, the front squat is my limiting factor, so going in with 225 early was hosing myself. Looking forward to the next strength cycle, hopefully my body has adjusted to the load and I can feel a little more engergetic throughout the days.

Thanks for putting together a great program.
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