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Thursday January 24 2008
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TJ Cooper of CrossFit East at the weightlifting seminar last weekend. TJ is recovering from a severe case of rhabomyolisis - we wish him a quick and full recovery.
Rest Day

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Sam Cannons 2008-01-23
What i wouldn't give to live in the stated right now !!
Sam Cannons 2008-01-23
I mean States !!
sarena 2008-01-24
TJ, so glad you're on the mend!! By the end of the weekend, you're color was definitely perking up!!
Anthony 2008-01-24
Wow, I had no idea TJ got rhabdo. Any more details on the situation? Was it a return from layoff, etc, etc???
pete 2008-01-24
I made the Crossfit main page today. The video shows me hitting PRs on the snatch and C&J.

I'd like to thank Greg for posting these workouts. Your programming was one of the primary factors helping me to get up to those numbers. I haven't been following the last 2 cycles, but I'm hoping to jump back in on the next one and start posting again.

Also, if you wouldn't mind, I started a thread on the Crossfit message board in the digital coaching section. If you get the chance, any criticism would be welcome. Thanks.
Dr. G 2008-01-24
Did Tuesday's CA WOD today, with modifications.

Joint mobility + scapular stability

For time:
MODIFIED 0.7 mile NordicTrack x-c ski, full incline
MODIFIED 70# x 6 (3L, 3R) KB clean + push press
53# x 30 KB swings to overhead
0.5 mile x-c ski
70# x 10 KB clean + push press
53# x 25 KB swings
0.3 mile x-c ski
70# x 16 KB clean + push press
53# x 20 KB swings

Awesome. Just the ticket.
anon 2008-01-24
is greg everett of this site the same guy who wrote the book "Screaming at a Wall" ?
Aimee 2008-01-24
yes he is.
Dr. G 2008-01-24
The book reviews that I read sounded pretty cool. Maybe someday I'll have more time to read books!
Kunal Kanti Paul 2008-01-28
I am practising weightlifting but last 9 months no improvement.
Please help me.
Suggest me a good way.
My Snatch-72.5kg
My clean &jerk 85kg

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