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Friday January 25 2008
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  • Clean & jerk - 5 sets - doubles for the weaker part of the lift, e.g. 1 clean + 2 jerks
  • Snatch pull - 95% x 3 x 3

20-15-10 reps of:
Wall ball - 10% BW
Kipping pull-ups
Ring dips
90 sec; 60 sec; between rounds

Post numbers and questions to comments.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Jeff G 2008-01-24
Since there is only 3 rounds, doesn't this mean that we will only take 2 rests?
sarena 2008-01-24
Derek, SWEET. I didn't realize you hit PRs this weekend!
Scotty Hagnas 2008-01-24
Nice lifting, Derek!
Greg Everett 2008-01-24
Jeff -

Yes - the first two. Posted that workout after getting off a plane and being up since 3:30 am. I've been a bit slow this week.
Yoon 2008-01-24
Congrats Derek!
ec 2008-01-25
nice, derek!
pete 2008-01-25
nice job derek!
Jay Cohen 2008-01-25
Excellent work.
Have a great weekend
Allen Y 2008-01-25
WTG Derek
Derek Simonds 2008-01-25
Hey I know that guy. As they say I did the heavy lifting (at least for me) but the credit goes to the coach that put together the program. Without that I am just another guy struggling to figure out what to do next.
DP 2008-01-25
is there any way to look at a high level blue print of the patch?
Greg Everett 2008-01-25
You'd have to talk to Danny Wright or someone else who builds them.
josh everett 2008-01-25
DP you can contact danny at danraydub@roadrunner.com or look up & contact the egoscue clinic in S.D. they sell a package of blueprints and workout routines.
ec 2008-01-25
wrist still a little finicky, did some lunges and light bs instead of oly.

45 ring dips is a bit outside my ability for any metcon effect... but wanted to get through it.

wb (20#) and pullups unbroken in 1:20, 1:00, and :55 - but rings dips added 6:45, 6:00, and 4:10. mostly done in singles. oy.
Danny 2008-01-26
DP- Each "Patch" is custom built so the blueprints change for every one. The details, however, of each individual obstacle and how they go together are available. The egoscue clinic used to sell them, but the designs have been upgraded so now they refer everything through me. You can email me at danraydub@roadrunner.com and we can talk.
clamonte@flash.net 2009-12-07
Been trying to get you to call me about the testing invoices that are long overdue!!
Cliff La Monte

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