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Thursday January 31 2008
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Allen Yeh 2008-01-31
I've already missed the workouts from M, T and W. So I'll try to podge something together today with technical work first and strength stuff after then metcon stuff.

Also since I won't be able to workout on Saturday I need to figure out what I'm doing tomorrow.

Any ideas?
Prochargedmopar 2008-01-31
I'm no "pro" but you could throw in one of the workouts you missed. M,T, or W?

I'm going to try out the CF WOD today as it looks like a beast.
Prochargedmopar 2008-01-31
Took off work early for this one.


1st round 3:36
2nd round timer 9:28
Total of all 3 rounds - 15:49

Chins and thrusters stormed through
Deadlifts not bad
HSPU's degraded to triples
Now it's time for vacation.

Recover drink:
48 ounce frozen fruit smoothie with 4 eggs, 4tsp. olive oil, blueberries, mixed fruits and grape juice.
Prochargedmopar 2008-01-31
Oops, that was the CF WOD
of 3 rounds for time:

15x 225# DL
15x HSPU
15x Chins
15x 95# thrusters
Greg Everett 2008-01-31
Allen -

I'd just move Saturday's workout to Friday - Snatch, CJ, FS heavy singles, and do Friday's metCon after it - 7 rounds of 200 m row and 5 burpees.
Prochargedmopar 2008-01-31
That is awesome work by James.
I noticed in the CF video that he did wide grip pullups and I see the same on the HSPU. That must decrease the power output required and help his times for the games.

I'm sticking with close grips for now to protect my shoulders and fore-arms from injury.

Thanks for posting the video. It is very motivational and actually made me feel good to get 15mins as I'm a newbie to CF and Very new at Oly lifting.
See you guys next thur.
Geoff Aucoin 2008-02-01
The comments section said he did it in 7 minutes, what gives?
Greg Everett 2008-02-01
That 7 min was based on a really wild guess. The 9:41 is the actual time taken from the video.
Geoff Aucoin 2008-02-02
Ahhh, that makes more sense. 7 minutes was a little on the inhuman side, 9:41 sounds doable for ths super-freaks.

Don't go easy on our boy, teach him good!
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