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Saturday February 2 2008
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  • Snatch – heavy single
  • Clean & jerk – heavy single
  • Back squat – heavy single

Rest 10-15 minutes between each exercise

Post numbers and questions to comments.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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ec 2008-02-02
sn - 100# (~90%)
c&J - 135# (~95%)
bs - 185# (10# PR). first time ever at bw (180#) and above. i am STOKED. maybe it was the obscene amount of espresso pre wod.
Bradford Green 2008-02-02
Burgener Warmup
Snatch: 125
Clean and Jerk: 165
BS: 215
josh everett 2008-02-02
sn: 75k
C&J: 135k
BS: 184k
andrew swartz 2008-02-02
Snatch- wrestled with 185lbs (90%) finally got it but I have to learn to finish my 2nd pull.
C+J- I was a little tried from the snatch so I did a series of 185lbs (70%) singles
The Pie 2008-02-03
Snatch: 145lbs. Personal best. Could have got more but was already at 7 sets so decieded to move on.
C+J: 195lbs. PB for full squat cleans. I have power cleaned and jerked 207.
Back Squat: 245lbs. Was really tired at this point. Didn't get low enough on my last set. I need to really be careful not to short the Back squat.


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