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Friday February 8 2008
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Allen Y 2008-02-07
Err...video of these push-up kickback things?
Joe 2008-02-07
How many sets for the complex?
Greg Everett 2008-02-07
Joe - 5

Allen - Nope. Just think of it as a burpee without a jump up... and 3 kicks back and forward instead of one.
Allen Y 2008-02-08
That makes more sense to me.

For some reason I was picturing something completely different.
ec 2008-02-08
missed wed, so tried to mash wed/fri together. been pretty run down this week.... stayed conservative.

pwr cln complex - 95#
bs - 145# (78%)
sn pull - only up to 185#, but form felt right.

oh sq - up to 125# (90%). ugh, havent done these in a while.


5- 37" box jumps (upper thigh)
10- 45# sandbag pwr cln + push press (25% BW)
10- sdhp w/ 2 pd KB (40% BW)

ec 2008-02-08
that was for 3 rounds.....
Matt Wichlinski 2008-02-08
I know you're into intermittent fasting, but what do you think of fasting for a week or so to do a cleanse, as in the Master Cleanse with the lemonade and saltwater flush to clean out your system. My nutrition isn't bad, but do you think something like this is seriously detrimental to one's health? The idea is to flush yourself of toxins and waste then get back to a quality eating plan like the zone.

Today's workout

5 rounds for time

5 135 lb snatch
5 42" box jump
5 muscle ups
Greg Everett 2008-02-08
Matt -

I'm not a big fan of cleanses and fasts like that - they all rely on some kind of sugary-carb fluid, and I see no possible good coming from subsisting on that for any period of time. If your nutrition is good and you're feeling good, I wouldn't bother. If you really want to try it, I'd do a legit fast for a few days - no lemonade. But a 24-on/24-off IF approach might be even better for a week or so.
Evan Von Qualen 2008-02-08
burg warm up
pw clean, fs, hngcl-complex, 153lb. 173. 173. 183. 183
ohs. 153lb. 177lb. 197.

metcon. 11:27
those triple kick push ups are nasty
Craig Snyder 2008-02-08
Power Clean + Front Squat + Mid Hang Clean
95, 95, 95, 105, 115
OHS: 45, 95, 115, 135, 140 (PR, BW)

Met Con: 3 rounds of:
sub 500m run
15 push up + 3 kick backs

What is a 'heavy single'? Are we shooting for max with those or 95%? Or just what feels heavy for that day?
Greg Everett 2008-02-08
Craig -

Heavy single just means taking the weight up to as heavy as you feel comfortable with that day. One day, that may be only 85%, and another it may be a PR. Basically a max for the day.
Tim Wheeler 2008-02-08
Hey Greg,
What is your opinion on the MILO journal. Is it worth the big bucks they charge? Thanks,
Greg Everett 2008-02-08
Milo is cool if you have the dough. Pretty broad coverage of strength sports. I haven't seen an issue in quite a while, but I think it tends to be a lot of strongman stuff these days.
andrew swartz 2008-02-08
PCl+FS+Hang Cl 185lbs
Overhead Squat 225lbs
MetCon 13:35
josh everett 2008-02-08
1. burgener warm-up
2. pc+fs+HC: 70,90,100,110,110k
3. OHS 80k
skipped the met con & opted for 10x hill sprints...not sure the exact distance each rep took 10-11 sec
Prochargedmopar 2008-02-08


5x PC-FS-HC 185,185,195,195,195
OHS 95,135,155PR, 175PR First time to try more than 115.....


5x PC-FS-HC 95,95,95,95,95
OHS 45,45,65,65

Metcon (Heavy crossfit mod)
My weights listed first

12 Walking lunge steps 35# db's/15#
10 Pull-ups 35#/BW
25 Box jumps, 37"/32"
10 Tuck Jumps
12 Ring dips 15#/BW
20 Knees to elbows
30 T-Bar swings, 80#/35#
30 Sit-ups
20 Hang squat cleans, 35# db's/15# db's
12 Back extensions 30#/20#
30 Wall ball shots, 28#/8# Ball
20 Towel Chins Alternating grips
Todd 16:27
Christopher 15:55

Fruit smoothie and vits for both (5 eggs, olive oil, banana, ect.)

We both started IF today. I went 14hrs then ate
1 can salmon
1 large grapefruit
1 can tuna
1 apple
1 ziplock bag full of mixed nuts
and headed for the BBQ

The Pie 2008-02-08
metcon: 13:55....what a killer this was. My legs were done. I was shocked in the first set how burned out my legs got. Great hit.
John Frazer 2008-02-10
Just did the metcon on top of heavy singles from Sat. 2/9.

Subbed running 400m for the rows.

15:57 -- pathetically weak on pushups.
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