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Saturday February 16 2008
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Norik Vardanian
  • Snatch – 90% x 1
  • Clean & jerk – 90% x 1
  • Back squat – 90% x 1
  • Core work of choice

Post numbers and questions to comments.
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Evan Von Qualen 2008-02-16
Drom+ burg Snatch worked to 170lb. 2 singles, first one was a battle at the bottom, second was in the groove. C+J worked up to 199lb. Bk oly sqt. worked up to 299lb. for 5 singles it was moving good so went for the extra reps. Metcon from yesterday 5 box jps-5 ball slams-5 o-susie-5 deadhang pu's..X5 6:00 Thanks to Greg and the catalyst crew for the great programming. After two weeks myself and the guys I train with are making good progress and having fun.
josh everett 2008-02-16
1. burg warm-up 2. sn 82k 3. C&J 140k 4. BS: 190k 5. chins 2x25
Prochargedmopar 2008-02-16
2/16/08 M/38/174 Greg A. Warmup 2x5 Sn x2 45,95,115,125 C&J x2 125,185,205, BS x2 135,225,275,295 Finsher: Rounds in 10 min 35# DB Manmakers x4 75# DB w/2" thick bar x4 6r + 4 Manmakers M/13/111 sn 45,55,65,65,65 c&j 65,75,95,95,95 sq 85,105,115 Fruit smoothie with 4 eggs, 4oz blueberries, mixed fruits, olive oil, banana, grape juice (48 ounces total)
The Pie 2008-02-16
Snatch: 155 PB Clean Jerk: 210 PB Back Squat: 275 PB 3 PB today...time to celebrate with a few cold ones and perhaps a scotch or two.

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