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Saturday February 23 2008
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End of the double knee bend
  • Snatch – max for the day
  • Clean & Jerk - max for the day
  • Front squat – max for the day

Allow a maximum of 3 missed attempts for each lift before moving on. Give yourself 10-15 minutes rest between each exercise.

Post numbers and questions to comments.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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ec 2008-02-23
missed yesterday due to snow, and lifts felt a bit foreign this am.

sn - 110# (95%)
c&j - 140# (~95%) - but pwr clean and press out, ugh.
fs - 155# (100%), failed at 160#

Dreid 2008-02-23

I have a friend who has "long femurs" in the sense that the distance from her hips to her knees is 4 cm longer than from her knees to her ankles. Apparently these two distances are supposed to be, and typically are, near equal. The disparity is quite apparent when she is squatting, deadlifting, etc. and getting below parallel has been quite a journey. A full depth OHS, however, is well out of reach at this point. When she drops any serious distance below parallel she basically dips over backwards. Even air squatting with the back as rounded as desired, she can't sit in a full ATA squat position with her feet flat on the ground, it's like her femurs shove her backwards outside of her base. Can an issue like this be addressed with serious flexibility training? If so, is it a combination of ankle and hip flexibility or possibly one more than the other?

Thanks for your help!
Dreid 2008-02-23
correction: *tips over backwards. Dipping over backwards doesn't make much sense...
Evan Von Qualen 2008-02-23
Snatch MAX 87 kilos
C+J MAX 95 kilos

Ran outta time will, FS max Monday
pete 2008-02-23

I've missed the last few cycles, so I can't wait to jump back in.
The Pie 2008-02-23
Sn=155, equals last weeks pb
CJ= got 205, failed on 225 but I've never actually front squated 225 so no wonder I didn't get it.

ran out of time no front squat unfortunetely.
James Hall 2008-02-24
SN 130
C&J 180
FS 220
Andrew 2008-02-24
Snatch 195lbs
C+J 255lbs
No juice left for the Front Squat
Butch 2008-02-24
Snatch 135lbs
C&J 160lbs
FS 200lbs

I'm looking forward to starting the CA WOD's. My Oly lifts definitely need the extra work.
mike 2008-02-24
snatch 82
C&J 105 kg
FS 110, 120(fail)
Aimee 2008-02-25
Craig Snyder 2008-02-25
Snatch: 125# (20lb PR from 1/14/08)
C&J: 140, missed the jerk on 145x3 (5lb PR from 1/14/08)
FSq: 175 (20lb PR from 12/19/07)
Greg Everett 2008-02-25
Dreid -

Ankle flexibility and lifting shoes - the point is, her knees need to move farther forward in order for her hips to move closer to her base of support. Also, try out slightly wider foot placement with more external rotation - just make sure the knees and ankles atill align well. This will keep the hips in closer as well.
Dreid 2008-02-26
Hi Greg,

Thanks a lot! We will give all of those options a shot, I really appreciate the help!

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