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Tuesday February 26 2008
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Beginning of the second pull
  • Muscle snatch – 3 x 2
  • Power snatch + 3 overhead squat – 60% (of snatch) x 4 sets
  • Power clean + push jerk + jerk – 60% (of clean) x 4 sets

4 rounds for time of:
100 m sprint
10 Turkish get-ups – 25% BW
1 min rest

Post numbers and questions to comments.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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pete 2008-02-26
Muscle Sn=65lbsx2,95lbsx2,105x2x3
Power Sn + 3 OHS=115lbsx4sets

No metcon, going to do wrestling and BJJ tonight.
Dave 2008-02-26
Question: if 60% of our max if fairly light, is it beneficial to bring up the weight to a "medium" heavy weight? or are the %s something that is scientific for maximum future results?
Greg Everett 2008-02-26
Dave - It should be fairly light. Remember that it's 60% of your max snatch and clean - not max power snatch and power clean.
The Pie 2008-02-26

Is ther a specific back issue of performance menu that deals with diet for strength athletes or do you have any specifics you can pass my way. I am crossfiter who has found great gains from the zone but if I'm taking 17 weeks off crossfit to improve my strength and Olympic lifts, I should be accompaning my training with the proper fuel to make sure I am getting the most out of my training. Thanks.
Dr. G 2008-02-26
Thought this light(er) day was a good one to jump back into the CA WODs Bulgarian section.

Joint mobility
Ext. Mod. Burgener w/u, 3 reps, done with both pipe and 15kg bar

Muscle snatch w/u: 20kg x 2, 29kg x 2, 34kg x 2
All work sets done on 3 minute interval
Muscle snatch (3 x 2): 39kg x 2 x 3
Power snatch + 3 OHS (60% x 4 sets): 46.5kg x 4 sets
Power clean + push jerk + jerk w/u: 46.5kg, done immediately after last PS+3OHS set
Power clean + push jerk + jerk (60% x 4 sets): 57.5kg x 4 sets

Saving metcons for the weekend, unless I'm feeling spunky (or if I get to the gym early enough!). Going to work on tuck planches through the day today.
Greg Everett 2008-02-26
Pie -

You can get the article itself here:
Aimee 2008-02-26
Issue 34 has Weightlifting Nutrition: Part 1 and issue 35 has Part 2. Take a look at those and see if the help to answer some of your questions.
Craig Snyder 2008-02-26
Muscle Snatch: (3x2) 65x3, 75x3, 85x2, 90x2, 90x2
Power Snatch + 3 OHS: 75# x4
Power Clean + Push Jerk + Jerk: 85# x4

Met Con (4 rounds)
100m sprint
10 TGU (35#)
1 min rest
Dan 2008-02-26

Muscle snatch 3 x 2 sets
65 x 3
95 x 3
115 x 3
135 x 1 (wanted 3)
125 x 3
First time I did these. I like them.

Power snatch + 3 overhead squat 60% (of snatch) x 4 sets
95 x 1 + 3OHS x 4 sets

Power clean + push jerk + jerk 60% (of clean) x 4 sets
150 x 1 + 1PJ +1J x 4 sets

Weighted Pull-ups (dead hang)
45 x 4 x 6 sets
ec 2008-02-26
mu sn - 85#x2, 90#x2,, 95#x1 (failed at 2nd attempt)
sn complex - 75#
c&j complex - 85#

running around wasn't happening. did my own short metcon.
IamDT 2008-02-26
In pounds-
Muscle Snatch: 85x2; 85x2; 85x2
Power Snatch and 3 OH Squats @70
Power Clean and P Jerk and Jerk @95

Since I just started CA, I have opted to hold off on the MetCons for a few times.
prochargedmopar 2008-02-26

Greg A. warmup
Sn x2 95,115,135,135,115,115
C&J x2 115,165,185,165,165
F SQ x2 155,185,225,225,205,185

Been missing workouts lately.
Was up for 56 hrs with only 3 hrs sleep working, worked on an ebay computer all weekend trying to load drivers, spent the last two days searching for a minivan and just bought an 01 Town and country limited w/81k for 5900 cash. Sweet ride for the wife to be and the (5) kids. Maybe now I can get back to business/pleasure.

Felt like crap today. Weak and out of shape. Here we go.....

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