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Thursday February 28 2008
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HiTech Technique Plates
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The Pie 2008-02-27
Have you found that dropping these plastic weights from an overhead position can cause your bars to bend because there is no give once it reaches the floor?
Greg Everett 2008-02-27
We haven't had a problem with this - If your bar bends being dropped with 10kg on it, it's going to bend doing just about anything, bumpers or not.
Derek M 2008-02-27
Greg, what are the load-bearing capacities of bumper plates? Specifically, it would seem that four or five 10 lb bumper plates would not be as structurally sound on a bar as a 45 lb plate. Would this be so for larger plates such as 25's if used instead of 45's?

It's regarding a recent question about the cost effectiveness of buying a whole set of bumper plates vs a couple small ones as necessary.

Greg Everett 2008-02-27
Derek -

From a perspective of dropping the bar, more lighter plates should be better structurally than fewer heavier plates because they'll spread the force out over a greater area. The only possible disadvantage I can think of would be bending of the bar from the weight protruding farther from the bar's center - but with a bunch of light plates, the total weight won't be enough to really cause any bending. Not sure if that answers your question.
Derek M 2008-02-28
That makes sense.

What I'm saying is if you have 12 inches of bumper plates on a bar, is it better for bumper/bar lifespan to deal in as few total plates as possible or as many as possible (barring plates too small to be stable, lest they fold when the bar is dropped).
Darren Coughlan 2008-02-28
I've got 2 pairs of the 3.75kg here in Australia and couldn't be happier with them. Cheaper shipping would be nice though ;)
Derek Simonds 2008-02-28
I bought these plates the very first time Greg wrote about them. I love them. I use them for all my warmups. My 7 year old son uses them on his Pendlay Williams bar and he drops them like mad. The Williams bar is a 5KG kids bar. He has dropped 20 KG total from OH plenty of times with no damage to the bar.

I would love to pick up a 2.5 KG set as well.
Derek Simonds 2008-02-28
Greg are we picking up an additional day of programming this cycle?
Danny 2008-02-28
I would highly recommend using more lighter bumper plates because when you take a picture of it, you look realy strong with plates out to the end of the bar.
Joe 2008-02-28
I bought a pair and got them last Friday. They seem nice. I haven't been able to use them because I caught Influenza B. Just getting back to where want to lift.
Greg Everett 2008-02-28
Derek -

Gotcha. In that case, fewer wider plates would probably be more stable as you say and consequently take less abuse themselves, and possibly abuse the bar slightly less. One of the best things about the HiTechs is that they're wide enough and they fit the bar correctly, so they're as stable as a quality 10 kg bumper plate on a quality bar.

RE extra day - If you're talking about training on Fridays, yes - I want to make that light day an option for people who are feeling good to give them some more tech training.

Danny -

I keep telling you, that only works in front of people who don't know what the colors mean (which I suppose is exactly your target audience...).
The Pie 2008-02-28
The reason I asked about the bar bending is at Crossfit Vancouver we have had quite a few new Pendlay bars bend and some people thought it might be attributed to our new 10# plastic bumbers that people were dropping from overhead. Must have been a bad batch of bars then. Good to know it wasn't attributed to the plates.
Greg Everett 2008-02-28
Pie -

Yes, the new Pendlay bars are bending all over the place. Not sure what the story is with that yet, but a bad batch of steel seems to be the common though. But again, if a bar bends under that kind of use, it's not going to hold up anyway.
Dreid 2008-02-28
Hi Greg,

This is way off the topic of bars/plates/etc. but I was wondering if the CA WOD could be used as a functional mass gaining program. Basically just eat lots and do the WOD, would this be a simple way to go about that? I haven't decided if I want to attempt to gain any mass or not, but figured I would weigh my options. Also, I'll be wrapping up the Bulgarian cycle from last November on Saturday and hopefully I'll get some videos for everyone to check out.

Thanks a lot!
Dan Colson 2008-02-28
Snatch 1x4 55 kg
CJ 1x4 70 kg

Great to see you guys doing this, I have begun competing, last time had no prep, i love oly lifts and cf but always thought of myself as a weightlifting crossfitter, My plan is to run with you guys for this cycle and most likely for a while to come. Thanks for offering this.
Greg Everett 2008-02-28
Dreid -

Sure. Responses among athletes in terms of mass gain will vary, but there should be sufficient volume and weight during the strength cycles to elicit growth. The Bulgarian cycles will likely not encourage as much, so you may want to try gaining weight during the strength cycles and maintaining during the Bulgarians.
Dreid 2008-02-28

Thanks for the unbelievably quick response! Is it viable to choose two strength cycles back to back and drop a Bulgarian from time to time?

Also, one more question: my current clean and jerk is 90kg while my FS is 98kg and my snatch is 73kg with a max OHS of around 83-84kg. Is it possible to determine from the differences between the respective maxes if I would benefit most from technique or strength work? I realize this may be impossible to determine from just these number, but who knows?

Thanks for your time.
pd 2008-02-28
did Casey B qualify for the olympics through the China event? Does he have a chance to qualifty at nationals?
Greg Everett 2008-02-28
Dreid - Can't really say - you could just be weak and suck too (kidding of course). Generally a small gap between skilled lifts vs their strength counterparts indicates good technique - most accurately we can say it indicates good technique relative to your strength. Certainly you'd benefit from increasing your strength.

pd -

He didn't earn the wildcard invitation in China. He won't be at Nationals - the men will be using the Pan Ams as the secondary Oly qualifier instead of the nationals, as well as a chance to earn the US men slots for the Olympics (currently we still have none)
David 2008-02-28
Coach Everett,

I have been posting some videos and links from your website on our affiliate blog as additional education for our athletes. PM/CA is always credited as authors and linked accordingly. If you have any reservations about this or feel any of your content is being misrepresented please let me know and i will take it down asap.

The PM has been an invaluable resource for our athletes and coaches alike. Keep up the great work!!
Dreid 2008-02-28
Hah, thanks for the help, Greg!
Greg Everett 2008-02-28
David -

No problem. That's what the info is there for.
prochargedmopar 2008-02-28

G.A. Warmup 2x5
Sn 4x4 95,115,125,125
PC&PP 4x4 125,165,165,165
SQ 4x4 225,255,275,295

10 min
4x chins 35#
4x dips 45#
8x Half moons 35#sb

6+ 3 chins
Adc 2008-02-28
Snatch 45kg
C&J 60kg

L Sit off Rings for timed holds
Front Plank work and lower offs
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