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Friday February 29 2008
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Josh Everett - split clean
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Derek M 2008-02-28
Why does Josh Everett use the split clean? I'd heard that it was for a lack of flexibility, but it seems that an advanced athlete like him would have had a lot of time to gain complete ROM.
Greg Everett 2008-02-28
Derek -

Josh will likely answer directly here. Until then, yes, it's a lack of flexibility. If flexibility is limited past a certain threshold, an athlete will actually be able to lift more in a variation that in other athletes would limit weight. At the moment, though, Josh is using the squat styles again.
Tom 2008-02-28
Is this supposed to be 'clapping push-up'. I really hope a clapping pull-up isn't what I think it is!
Greg Everett 2008-02-28
No typo there... although I have been known to make them. If you're not quite to a clapping pull-up, scale it. First step would simply be as aggressive of a kip as possible. Next would be just a quick separation of the hands from the bar at the top, and you'd progress by increasing the distance the hands leave the bar until you're able to clap. Keep in mind that eventually, it's quite possible to clap behind the back and do other party tricks with the kipping pull-up.
Derek M 2008-02-28
Behind the back? You're trying to kill someone, aren't you? :D

I tried that with push-ups some time ago. Fortunately, my lip healed up just fine.
Tom 2008-02-28
#4 That sucks! I think I'm going to like it here.
pete 2008-02-29
Power snatch + snatch balance + hang snatch 3 sets

Power clean + tall clean + jerk 3 sets

4 rounds for time of:
7 wall ball 20lbs
14 1-arm DB hang power snatch 35lb DB
7 box jumps mid thigh
7 clapping pull-up

Lifting felt good and crisp today. Metcon was awesome and kicked my butt. I really liked that one.
Shawn Thomas 2008-02-29
Love the split-version, old school!!!
dan colson 2008-02-29
45, 50, 55 KG

50, 55, 60 KG

4 rds
7 ring dip
7 KB snatch R/L 1 pd
7 24" box
7 clap pull-up

Ben 2008-02-29
Quick question, and if it's somewhere else on the website just lemme know. For the workouts with %'s of 1RM, when do you reassess your maxes? I know Saturdays are "max for the day", so if we hit a new 1RM do we base future %'s off of this?

Greg Everett 2008-02-29
Ben -

You reassess your maxes on any day you attempt a max. If those attempts fall short of your current best, use the higher number. If you make a new record, use that new max to calculate %s.
Craig Snyder 2008-02-29
Power Sn + Sn Balance + Hang Sn: 65x1, 85x1, 95x3
Power Cl + Tall Cl + Jerk: 85x1, 95x3

Metcon (4 rounds)
7 wall ball (10 lbs) Only ball I had available
14 1 arm DB hang power sn (30#)
7 box jumps - mid thigh
7 clapping pull ups (kipping)
Dan 2008-02-29
Burgener Warm-up


Power snatch + snatch balance + hang snatch 3 sets
95 x 1
105 x 1
115 x 1
115 x 1
120 x 1

Power clean + tall clean + jerk 3 sets
135 x 1
165 x 1
170 x 1
170 x 1

CF WOD "Fran" 1st metcon in a few week and it kicked my ass. I had my first exercised induced asmatha attack in a year

Fran - "21-15-9"

TIME: 4:53
ec 2008-02-29
sn complex - 85#
c&j complex - 95#

metcon 16.33
20#wb, 40# db snatch
subbed ring sips for clapping pullups, trying to let a blister heal
Andrew 2008-02-29
PS+S Bal +H S

PC+TCL+Push Jerk

Met Con

14ib WB
16kg KB Power Snatch
Kipping Chin
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