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Monday March 3 2008
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CrossFit Santa Cruz circa 2004
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Derek M 2008-03-02
So... can I have it?
Greg Everett 2008-03-02
Dreid -

Posting comments on your video here.

Snatch - First, quite good. I'd like to see you keep your chest up more during the first pull. You shift your back angle considerably right off the floor, which is actually OK as long as the starting and ending angles are good, but you're a bit too far forward. You can see clearly as you transition that your weight is on your toes (and this is why you're fighting the weight when you receive--all your weight is forward of your base). Force yourself back farther on the feet and keep your back angle as upright as you possibly can while passing the knees.

Good extension, good long arms. Tighten up in that bottom position as much as you can, especially with the elbows and shoulders. Also, just keep working on your speed.

CJ - Clean - same thing as the snatch in the first pull - get your weight farther back. That's partly why you had to jump forward to receive it. The other part is that the bar swung out a couple inches off your thighs - not bad, but really pull it back in. The heavier that weight get relative to you, the farther that same distance will pull you forward. Good elbow speed on the turnover. Looks like a good rack position initially, but as you sink into the squat, your elbows drop and the bar slides down your shoulders. Keep driving the elbows up and push the bar back into your throat as much as possible. That will keep it secure as well as reduce the tendency for your back to round forward.

Jerk - Work on a jerk rack position instead of jerking from your fingers. The idea is too keep the bar racked the same way on your shoulders while sinking your hands as deep under the bar and dropping your elbows as much as possible. This will give you the direct connection to the torso for the drive, but also set you up for a good grip and better pressing mechanics. It will take some flexibility, but start working toward it.

The dip is too deep for your long legs. Shorten it up considerably - you're well past the point of good mechanics, and just as importantly, you're at the point at which you're starting to slide forward. That forward movement will kill you - the dip and drive need to be perfectly vertical.

Good drive and elbow lockout. That lead foot needs to be farther forward - almost a foot length. we're aiming for a vertical lead shin. Part of your short stepping is from the weight being pushed forward due to your dip/drive, but you still need to get some more distance between your feet.

Congrats on the PRs.
Eric Jones 2008-03-02
How many sets should it take to get to those heavy singles?
Greg Everett 2008-03-02
Eric -

Generally as few as possible. The idea is to ensure you're prepared without accumulating any more fatigue that you have to. As you progress technically, you'll find you're able to take larger jumps. As you approach your max, the jumps will decrease.
Dreid 2008-03-03

Thanks so much for critiquing my lifts! I know it will help out immensely. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the help you are giving me!

Dan 2008-03-03
Which do you recommend Burgener warm-up or CFWU? or both. I'm leaning more toward Burgener because sometime I am short for time.
ec 2008-03-03
dan -

from the "wod info" link

Warming Up

We have no standard warm-up protocol, but there are some guidelines we encourage observing. Begin the warm-up with some type of monostructural activity; rowing is our preferred activity because it uses such a large amount of muscle mass in a great range of functional motion and doesn’t introduce any impact to joints not yet warm. Running, cycling, jumping rope and the like can substitute in the absence of a rowing machine. After a 3-5 minutes of this initial warm-up—more if it’s unusually cold—proceed to 10-15 reps or so of some basic Dynamic Range of Motion (DROM) exercises. After this, move on to any specific warm-ups or drills you like or need to perform; this may be a quick and easy calisthenics circuit or Olympic lift drills with a training bar or length of PVC. Just don’t overdo it—this is a warm-up, not a workout.

Dan 2008-03-03
Geoff Aucoin 2008-03-03
Anyone know why CF Santa Cruz had to close? Greg?
Greg Everett 2008-03-03
I know most of the story, but it's not my business to discuss.
Evan Von Qualen 2008-03-03
Drom and burg warmup
Snatch 174x1-154x1x4
C&J 204x1-174x1x4
Frt sqt 262x1- 233x2-223x2x2
2sets RDLs+shrugs 198x10x2

50 kip pullups
50 push ups
50 situps
50 BW squats
Patrick Donnelly 2008-03-03
Woah, wait, what? It closed? Not that it really makes a difference to me and my training, but it is surprising. I'll miss the photos of it on the CF main page; they had a very nice set-up.
Dan 2008-03-03
BW 198.2
Rest 2 min on Squat 1 min on all the rest

[B]Back Squat[/B] All ATG I even had a guy come over and ask why I'm going so low.
135 x 3
225 x 3
255 x 3
275 x 3
310 x 3
320 x 3
330 x 3
340 x 3
350 x 2 (missed 3rd rep and had to spotter so I dumped it)


[B]Snatch [/B]- Take to a heavy single; drop 15% x 1 x 4
65 x 3
95 x 1
115 x 1
135 x 0 -caught it held it and lost balance right before coming up but knew I had it so I went for 140
140 x 1
150 x 0
120 x 1 x 4 sets

[B]Clean & Jerk [/B]- same as snatch
135 x 1
185 x 1
205 x 1
225 x 1 (PR)
190 x 1 x 4 sets

[B]Front squat [/B]- heavy single; drop 10% for a double; drop another 5% for 2 doubles - [B]SKIPPED FOR TIME REASON[/B]

[B]Pull-ups [/B]- 3 x max - [B]WOD had pull-ups so I skipped there too[/B]

Modified Lynne "21-15-9"[/B]
Bench - 200lbs

[B]TIME: 7:26[/B]

Really thought I be done in under 5min. My bench blows right now. Pull-ups straight sets
Craig Snyder 2008-03-03
Snatch, heavy single, take 15% off 1x4: 95#x1, 115x1, 125x1, 130x1(PR), 110# 1x4
C&J, same as Snatch: 135#x1, 145x1, 150x1(PR), 155m, 130#1x4
FSquat, heavy single, drop 10% for 2, drop 5% for 2x2: 135#x3, 155x2, 165x1, 155x2, 145#2x2
Pull ups, 3xmax: 13, 9, 6

Hit 5lb PRs on both snatch and C&J today.
ec 2008-03-03
sn - 110#, then 95#
c&j - 140#, then 120#
fs - 135#, then 120#, then 115# - a little smoked from cleans
pus - 8,4,5
Dreid 2008-03-03
Hi Greg,

I have a question about my dip. I'm assuming (correct me if I'm wrong!) that my dip depth should be the same for a push press and a jerk. I had push press in my WOD today so I was working on shortening my dip depth like you said. My question is how far? Half of what I was going before? Less, more? Is there a ballpark guess for this based on my anthropomorphics (can you pluralize that word?) ? Today I was only dropping maybe 3-4 inches (complete guess based on how it felt), but I'm not sure if I felt stronger or weaker. Do I want the transition from the dip to the drive to be quick and take advantage of the muscle elasticity? Does that come into play here?

Thanks, as always.
The Pie 2008-03-03
sn:155, 135x1x4
cj:205, 185x1x4
fs:205,185x2x3...i was done by the time fs came around.
Adc 2008-03-04
45kg 40kg


Front Squat
Greg Everett 2008-03-04
Dreid - Yes, dip for push press and jerk should be the same. I can't tell you in numbers what it will be for you. What we're looking for is the depth that allows you to maintain positioning (i.e. not collapse forward) and generate the most power in the drive. This is something you'll have to experiment with. Dip yourself into the position and keep going lower - you'll reach a point - usually suddenly - at which you feel extremely weak and you're no longer able to maintain correct posture and balance on the feet. We're trying to keep you safely above that point.
dan colson 2008-03-04
80 kg
68 kg

95 kg

Pull-ups (kipping)
80 kg

130 kg
116 kg
111 kg
prochargedmopar 2008-03-04
As many in 10 min of
One-arm/One leg burpees
60r total (30ea. side)

G.A.Warmup 2x5
Sn x3r 95.115,135,145
For time 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 of
PP 135
DL 235
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