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Tuesday March 11 2008
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Coach Stephanie Ciarell of Team Southern CA
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dave 2008-03-11

In regards to the answer you gave a couple of days ago about wrist flexion, I may have not been clear or may be misinterpreting you. I was wanting to know about the wrist flexion at the beginning of the second pull, not the third. So when the lifter's arms are down by his side, and simultaneoulsy with the shrug, the lifter flexes his wrists under. I hope this makes sense.
Greg Everett 2008-03-11
Dave -

The wrists should remain neutral - Flexion during the 1st or 2nd pull is similar to elbow flexion during those phases - If the weight is heavy enough and the acceleration great enough, it will force the wrists from flexed to neutral, which will absorb some of the force that should have been transferred to the bar by lengthening the attachment from the body to the bar. The bar should be pulled into the body under the control of the lats. Also, keep in mind that the shrug is more an initiation of the 3rd pull than it is part of the elevation of the 2nd.
Aaron 2008-03-11
Hi Greg,
Just wanting to be clear with how you present the workout, eg. snatch x 5 x 3 would be 5 reps for 3 sets? Are the reps always presented first, then number of sets?
Also, for today's Snatch + overhead squat + hang power snatch + overhead squat – 60% x 5 sets, is each complex considered one set and this complex would simply be repeated for a total of 5 times?
Greg Everett 2008-03-11
Aaron -

If there is no weight first, it's sets x reps, e.g. pull-ups - 3 x 10 is 3 sets of 10 reps. If there is a load first with a "x", it's reps x sets, e.g. snatch - 80% x 1 x 5 is 80% for 1 rep for 5 sets.
Craig Snyder 2008-03-11
Muscle Snatch: 65#x3, 85#x2, 100 singlesx5
Snatch+OHS+hang power snatch+OHS: 60%, 80#x4
Clean+Fsq+hang power clean: 60%, 95#x4
Push press+Push Jerk+Jerk: 60% (of clean) 95#x4

Subbed max 95# OHS for met con today: X15
Dan 2008-03-11
BW 198.2
Rest 45 sec


Muscle snatch – 5 x 1 – use weight from last Tuesday’s doubles
135 x 5 x 1

Snatch + overhead squat + hang power snatch + overhead squat – 60% x 5 sets
95 x 5 x 1

Clean + front squat + hang power clean – 60% x 5 sets
135 x 5 x 1

Push press + push jerk + jerk – 60% x 5 sets
135 5 x 1

3 rounds for time of:
Row 500 m (computer doesn't work. Went with as many reps as possible in 2 min)
15 box jumps – mid-thigh height (slightly over knee high was all I has)

TIME: 7:20 (reps for rowing 75, 70, 69)
prochargedmopar 2008-03-11


"Hoisters Evolution"
1 set x 3 reps per

115 Sn
135 Sn
145 PC&P + OHS
165 PC&PP + OHS
185 PC&PJ
205 C&J
235 HP to Chest
275 HP to Stomach
315 Sn Grip DL + shrug
335 Sn Grip DL
355 DL

MetCon: Max rounds in 12 Min of
5x Chins
7x Pushups
5x 32" Barrel Jumps
7x Ball slams 25#/ (chris M/13/112- 8# ball)

Chris 10 even
Todd 12 w/6sec to spare
Matt Wichlinski 2008-03-11
what is the difference between a push jerk and a jerk? The crossfit affiliate near me only has 20" box's, granted they have ton of them, but none any bigger. So, I built my own 48" monster, I'm only 67" tall, so it looks pretty cool, I'm convinced their is a strong carry over from high box jumps to o lifts due to the vicious extension against the ground, am i wrong or should i keep jumping higher?
Greg Everett 2008-03-11
"Jerk" with no quaiifier indicates the athlete's jerk of choice for maximal loading, which for that vast majority means the split jerk. For those who actually use the push/power jerk, there is no difference.

Keep jumping.
Adc (CFS) 2008-03-12

Snatch Complex

Clean Complex

Jerk Complex

Met Con
as rxed
Eric Jones 2008-03-12
Muscle Snatch: 5x1 @ 95lbs

Snatch Complex: 5 @ 95lbs

Clean Complex: 5 @135lbs

Jerk Complex: 5 @ 135 lbs
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