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Thursday March 13 2008
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Geoff Aucoin 2008-03-12
Nice work, brother!
Yoon 2008-03-12
Hey Greg,
Is there a specific reason or benefit to flaring the knees outward during the scoop (like in today's photo)? I seem to notice this from time to time when watching advanced/elite lifters (Kolecki comes to mind).


Yoon 2008-03-12
Greg Everett 2008-03-12
Yoon -

Some lifters with long legs do it to keep the knees farther back and allow easier navigation of the bar past the knees.
dave 2008-03-12
I started doing the frog type jump and i find that I get a lot more explosiveness from doing this technique. i also have longer legs and it does help with the path of bar.
IamDT 2008-03-12
I am having some difficulty receiving the Snatch. I will lose the weight forward most of the time. And I have some trouble with OH Squats. Furthermore, I have noticed that I jump wide to receive the bar. Any suggestions?

I have thought about adding OH Squats to my warm-up... What do you think?

Greg Everett 2008-03-12
IamDT - There are a number of possibilities for why you're losing snatches in front, but since you also have trouble with OHSs, we'll assume it's related to positioning and overhead strength/stability.

Add light OHS to your warm-ups - enough weight to be a challenge in terms of stability, but not so much that it fatigues you considerably. Work triples with a 2-3 second pause at the bottom, working on actively driving the bar up with the shoulder blades fully retracted and elevated.

You can also throw in some OHS and snatch balances as part of your snatch warm-up - use complexes like snatch + OHS + snatch balance as you work up to your snatch weight for the day.
IamDT 2008-03-13
Thanks Greg.
Yoon 2008-03-13
Thanks for the explanation.
Jack 2008-03-13
push ups in the video seem kind of sketchy. maybe some mid-line stabilization work would fix that.
Robb Wolf 2008-03-13
SAVAGE! Great work.
Dreid 2008-03-13
Hi Greg,

Every so often I come across something in the comments or in the journal that mentions a form or technique point that pertains to long legged lifters. Without a coach around to physically tell me if this applies to me or not, is there a way to determine if this applies to me? I am 6'1" and I posted a video of my PRs on Sat. March 1st, who knows, it may help... I bring this up because I recently realized my squat stance was too narrow and needed adjusting, and I think it is because of my long (perhaps) legs.

I always like seeing how torn up OPT is at the end of his WODs, he's amazing.

Geoff Aucoin 2008-03-13
Oh yeah, Dreid, he is wiped after his WODs because he works so damn hard!
Greg Everett 2008-03-13
Dreid -

You definitely have long legs. There are 2 kinds of long-leggers - those who are not of great height but have long legs relative to their torsos; and those who are tall, whose legs are long even if in proportion to their torsos. Because the height of the bar remains the same regardless of athlete height, absolute height does make a difference.
Dreid 2008-03-13

makes sense, thanks a lot!
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