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Saturday March 15 2008
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Dan 2008-03-15

Can you take a look at my snatch form I'd appreciate it. I switch from the PM WOD to the PMJ #17 Mass/Strength program to work on my form. Thanks (it's actually a PR by 20lbs)


Dan 2008-03-15
Greg will be in Florida until Monday, without computer access. I just wanted to let you know so you didn't think he was ignoring you.
Aimee 2008-03-15
ooops. the above post is actually to Dan, from me.

It's early and I am on pain meds.
Dan 2008-03-15
Thanks. I'll post it in the weightlifting forum so he sees it.
Eric Jones 2008-03-15
Snatch - 135lbs

C&J - 185

Front Squat - 205x2, 215x1, missed the second rep
Ben Shechet 2008-03-15
A question for Aimee and/or Greg: I am following the WOD about a cycle behind, and so I am about to start the last strength cycle this week. I'm curious as to the percentage prescriptions for squats though; they seem quite a bit lower than what's usually prescribed for doubles. Squat strength (esp. front squats) are definitely my weak point, as I can only front squat about 7.5kg more than my max clean and jerk, so I'd really like to bring that up this cycle. Should I do anything differently, or am I worrying about nothing?
Aimee 2008-03-15
Hi Ben-
I know Greg plans out his cycles with the next cycle in mind. If the percentages seem a little low, that is because he is backing you off for a reason and/or preparing you for the next cycle. I would follow what he is prescribing. Don't change any percentages or reps. Don't worry, there will be lots of heavy lifting to come! Also, there are times that he backs off the squats a little to focus on the lifts or vice versa. You will be caught up to speed when you start the next cycle.

Now, I may be completely wrong, but I am pretty sure that it is what he would tell you.
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