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Monday March 17 2008
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The Patch at UCR
  • Snatch - 85% x 1 x 4
  • Clean & Jerk - 85% x 1 x 4
  • Back squat - 90% x 2 x 1

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Nick 2008-03-17

working on my form for snatches and C + J

crossfit warmup
snatch 1x4: 80#
c + j 1x4: 115#
backsquats 2x2 @ 90%: 275#

xfit seems fine for a warmup but if neone has any suggestions for a better warmup for olympic lifts please let me know :)
Craig Snyder 2008-03-17
I use the Burgener warmup with xfit warm up. Works good for me.
Evan Von Qualen 2008-03-17
drom+burg warm-up
C&J, 90kilo 1 x1 92kilo 1 x3
snatch, 79 kilos 1x4
back squat 125 kilos 2x3, 130 kilos 2x3

Craig Snyder 2008-03-17
Snatch, 85% 1x4: 65#x4, 85x2, 95x2, 110 singles x3, missed 4th x3
C&J, 85% 1x4: 95#x3, 115 singles x4
Bsq, 90%, 2x1: 135#x2, 155x2, 175x2

Very weak and tired after the flu last week. After my misses on the snatch I cut the weight on the C&J to 72% of max and that still felt heavy today.
Adc (CFS) 2008-03-18


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