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Wednesday March 19 2008
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Adam from CrossFit San Diego
  • Snatch - 85% x 1 x 3
  • Clean & Jerk - 85% x 1 x 3
  • Front squat - 85% x 1 x 2

3 rounds for time of:
kipping pull-ups - 25
16 sand bag halfmoons (each pass = 1 rep) - 15% BW
Row 300 m

Post numbers and questions to comments.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Leo 2008-03-19
How could I determine the WOD percentages with 145lbs to work with, weighing 175lbs? My supplies are limited at the moment.
dan colson 2008-03-19
Greg, I have a meet Mar 29, sat, what should I do differently next week to prepare if anything, and to bugger it up a little I seem to have developed some thumb pain on the left hand, primarily when I catch the snatch. Resting it today with ice and ibuprofen, any other tips?
Greg Everett 2008-03-19
Dan -

Stick with the RXed training this week, except on Saturday, only snatch and CJ to your intended opening weights. Then throw in a 90-95% front squat. On Monday, snatch and CJ 90% of your openers for 1-2 singles; Tuesday 80% for 2-3 singles; Wednesday 70% for 3-4 singles; Thursday 60% or take the day off; Friday day off or very light, easy training - 50-60% for singles, no more than 3. That should get you well prepared to go big on Sat. Good luck!
Greg Everett 2008-03-19
Leo -

Get as close as you can. You can try upping the reps 1-2 in cases when you don't have enough weight, and add a few more sets as well. There's really no substitute for weight, though.
dan colson 2008-03-19
Thanks Greg, great site.

started snatching, decided to rest, hand and ice

3 rds
100m sprint
10 sit-up jumps
10 cj 35# db
25 double under
Leo 2008-03-21
Thanks, will do.
Adc (CFS) 2008-03-21


Front Squat 85kg

No Met Con

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