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Thursday March 20 2008
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Pulling under
Rest Day

Optional Workout:

Snatch - 60% x 1 x 5
Clean & Jerk - 60% x 1 x 5

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David 2008-03-19
I'll be there along with a large crew from CFNYC and CFSBK!

Long live the O-Lifts!
Jason Ackerman 2008-03-20
My girlfriend and I are looking forward to it!
Aimee 2008-03-20
it looks as if we have only 5 spots left!
So ya'll better jump on it.

Don't forge we will be in Oregon in June, and still have several spots open, if you miss the boat for the Boston Seminar
Kevin 2008-03-20
hey guys sorry its been a lil bit, i screwed my foot up, bruised bone and stress fracture.... had this tournament thing this weekend. played every intramural spot you could think of from 7am-10pm 4 days straight with heavy amounts of booze in minus celcius conditions.... WAS FREEEKING AWESOME!!

but alas im down for the count for a few weeks...

anyone suggest some stuff i can do (off my feet) to keep everything up and up
prochargedmopar 2008-03-20
Been on a 5 day camping trip

Greg A. warmup

Rounds in 20min of

2 Muscle ups/Rings
4 HSPU /5" blocks
6 Sn Grip DL 225#

7 rounds even
HSPU's were the smoker in this circuit
Neal 2008-03-21
As of this morning, the number should be down to 3 spots left!

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