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Saturday March 22 2008
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Split snatch
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Derek M 2008-03-21
Was that a successful lift? That bar looks way too low.
Greg Everett 2008-03-21
Yeah - that was just a 70 kg warm-up. Josh has snatched 122 kg with a split.
Derek M 2008-03-21
Ah, I see. The bar hasn't halting - it's still going up.
paul beckwith 2008-03-22
sn 235 lb
cj 260
bs 440
ec 2008-03-22
sn - 105# (~90%), failed 3x at 110#
c&j - 140# (pwr cln) (~95%)
bs - 175# (~95%)

first day back to oly in 2 wks.... ill take it.
claude l 2008-03-22

I have a question and not sure if this is the right venue for it, but i will ask anyway. I read your article on integrating the oly lifts with crossfit, and only recently heard about the wods on catalyst athletics. I have been crossfitting for about a year, and love it, but i am really interested in becoming a "crossfitting weightlifter" for at least a while. Is doing the wods on the ca website the best route for me? I really like the looks of them, and really want to become better at the oly lifts, but dont want to totally lose my metcon....i am a police officer and feel that it is important to keep, but i love the oly lifts and want to focus more on them for a while. secondly, what type of warm up do you suggest for the wods on ca? thank you for your time, i apologize for the long post.

claude locke
Greg Everett 2008-03-22
Claude -

The CA WOD should be a pretty good approach for you. The brevity of the metCons is probably more appropriate for you as a LEO - I don't foresee you getting involved in any 45-minute long arrest & control situations.

To warm-up, hop on a rower for 2-5 min if you can and run through some DROM exercises such as these:
claude l 2008-03-22

Thanks a lot for your response...im gonna start hittin the CA wods next week, on a cf rest day today...thanks for the website and your time

prochargedmopar 2008-03-22
I started this thinking and saying almost the same thing a month or so back. These workouts take much longer than the Crossfit wods. They are also deceptively taxing both mentally and physically. More mentally so for me. I've since started just mixing in modified CA Wods here and there. It almost seems the ME blackbox would be a better fit personally for me after mulling over it for a while. I just can't seem to give up totally on this yet. I think the toughness is a big reason why there is only 8-12 people who regularly post in this blog. It's a kicker. Be ready.

Greg A. warmup

Rounds in 15 min. of:
4x SQ CL&PP 165#
4x Chinup 25#
8x Balance Ball situps

Total: 6 rounds + 1 C&P

claude l 2008-03-23
cool man thx for info...i love cf, but am really interested in gettin better at the oly stuff...gonna try it for while. me blackbox may be the answer, but gonna try to do this straight..thx again
Adc (CFS) 2008-03-23
BW 70kg

worked up to
65kg F


82.5kg F
80kg F

Disappointed Clean is fine but failing to drop under in the Jerk.
77.5kg felt easy,and have C&J 80 before
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