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Wednesday March 26 2008
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Shoes at Mike's Gym
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Blake McCarthy 2008-03-25
So I have a quick question about the Metcons for this cycle. I'm stuck in my school gym until I graduate at the end of May and while we do have bumpers and they finally allowed me to store my kettlebell set there, they won't allow me to store my sandbag. What would be a good sub for the Zercher Cleans? I was thinking maybe some heavy KB Swings or something similar.
Jason Ackerman 2008-03-26
Great video on the CF affiliate page
Dreid 2008-03-26
Hi Greg,

This time I have a question about my squatting. With both front squats and back squats, I notice pressure on the outer edges of my feet (the edge by the little toe). I have also had some pain on one of my calves on that outer edge. Is this most likely due to a stance that is too narrow? I also thought I might need to turn my toes out more/less(?) or even that I may be pushing my knees too far to the side/not far enough(?) to get them over my feet.
ec 2008-03-26
bs - 150#
sn pull - 100#
jerk - 155#, (missed 160# for a pr), then 115# for doubles

always run out of time for the metcons on wed....schucks....
Greg Everett 2008-03-26
Blake -

You can use a sand ball like a D-ball ideally, or just resort to DB cleans.

Dreid -

Possible that you're too narrow - if you go wider, you will need to toe out a bit more. Check for 2 things - at the bottom of the squat, your thighs are approximately parallel with your feet; and when viewed from the front of the toe, your knee is directly above the foot. You have some latitude from those precise relationships to account for misalignment of ankles/knees, etc, but not too much.
Adc (CFS) 2008-03-27
B Squat
Snatch Pull

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