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Saturday March 29 2008
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Steffi 2008-03-29
So that's my attempted heavy single C+J for today: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=7fUvWr91lmk
(I have been (oly-)lifting for about nine months now). Any toughts on technique are greatly appreciated, as are any ideas on how to get rid of this ridiculous fear of pulling myself under this *** bar. Thanks!
Greg Everett 2008-03-29
Steffi - Das ist gut! Really not bad at all - just some minor things to work on. With the clean, it's all timing and confidence - go easy on the pull ajnd make the second pull just a quick pop - focus almost entirely on the pull under instead. Obviously you can throw around 80 easily, so you'll have to really work on not over-pulling it. Try some tall cleans for the speed and confidence for the third pull as well as to experience the feeling of pulling under.For the jerk, this is a classic short-step - your dip is a little too deep, so you start sliding forward at the bottom and that drives the bar forward slightly. Add to that not enough elevation of the lead foot, so it hits the platform prematurely (before the back foot) and of course that means it's not as far forward as you were trying to place it. Also, your back knee is locked out - that's pushing you forward as well. Get a nice bend in the back leg, and pick up the front foot more - think of pushing the front heel out.Bis spater!
Steffi 2008-03-29
Greg - thank you very much! Very helpful advice. The site is awesome :-)! (Your article on how to do CF and Olylifting at the same time was exactly what I needed.)
OPT 2008-03-29
did all at 80% today, lifting day at OPT so had more fun than anything
worked up to 80 kg in sn and 90 kg in c and j
110 kg in front squat
then superset kipping practice and GHD sit ups
good times
Jason Ackerman 2008-03-29
Is it pretty normal to be beat from yesterday's wod and have it effect todays? I can go many days with CF, but my muscles were just fatigued today.

I really tried working that form on the snatch. I'm having a hard time starting deeper and generating as much power. Also, it's hard to make that one strong pull, when I learned it, it was as deadlift...go. Any suggestions?
James Hall 2008-03-29
Sn up to 105#
C&J up to 155#
FS up to 215#
Kipping PU 7-5-5
GHD SU 3x12 0 wt added
Greg Everett 2008-03-29
Jason - It takes some time to acclimate to this kind of training - it's not easy. You may need to scale it back a bit for a while. Likely you have better back and hip strength than quad strength, making a lower-hipped start more difficult. Keep working strength in that position.There will be a clear difference in speed between the first and second pulls - the first pull can and should be relatively slow and the second extremely fast - so don't think of it as one strong pull in the sense of constant speed. The point is that you're slowing down and even stopping between the two - that's the problem. Watch video of weightlifters (NOT crossfitters doing the lifts) to get a better idea of what it should look like.
Jason Ackerman 2008-03-29
I took some video but left the camera at the gym, I'll post them tomorrow.

Ok, I get what you are saying about the 2 pulls, it IS 2 pulls, but constant movement.
sarena kopciel 2008-03-29

Dont know if you saw this but Kelly won the 58kg class for British Columbia. Wow Kelly!!
sarena kopciel 2008-03-29
Greg, based on what I have learned is this correct? From the floor, basically let the bar hang loose as it travels to just past knees, then get aggressive as it moves to hips and drop under bar? simplified here of course...
Greg Everett 2008-03-29
Sarena -

Yes, Kelly emailed me this morning with the news. She is kicking ass.

If by hang loose you mean allow the weight of the bar to keep the elbows extended, yes, but that should continue through the final extension of the second pull. Even with a very upright back angle during the first pull, the bar will need to be actively pulled into the body with the lats (although only subtly if using a more advanced start with the arms essentially vertical). There will be a marked increase in speed when the bar reaches about mid-thigh - this is the point at which the knees have reached the greatest degree of extension (not full extension) they'll reach prior to the final full body extension of the second pull and the emphasis will become hip extension. So I'm not totally sure what you're saying about "hang loose", but there's definitely nothing loose about the lift at any point.
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