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Sunday March 30 2008
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Luca 2008-03-30
Hey Greg I just read your article about integrating the Oly Lifts with CrossFit, about 5 weeks ago I got interested in your site and started your program, I'm making gains at all but I wonder was that a good way to go or should I had started with Coach Burgeness program as you mentioned, how long of a period normally do you suggest I follow before returning to regular CrossFit WOD? Thanks
Greg Everett 2008-03-30
Luca - If you want to focus exclusively on o-lifting and have no concern regarding your fitness, Burgener's WOD will probably work better for you. How long you do it is really dependent on how long you want to continue making progress. I'd say nothing less than 6-8 weeks or so to make worthwhile gains.
Matt Wichlinski 2008-03-30
so i just got my new 50' rope the other day and what a treat it is. A quick analogy if you will. Compare the sumo dead lift high pull and the c2 rower. both movements are very similar and are used interchangeably in crossfit wod's. but the demands are different in that the sdhp requires you pull the same weight the same distance every rep. The c2 requires you pull the same but as you fatigue, you power output diminishes, therefore your accuracy is not the same, sort of like doing a long consistent drop set.This relates a lot to thrusters and wall balls as well. When doing two handed rope lashes , hands together rising and slamming down together, it feels very similar to the kettlebell power swing taught by Jeff Martone. I have only seen you guys do the lashes unilaterally, sort of like a sprint technique, but do you ever do them bilaterally, kind of like a ball slam? It's a super fast, ultra demanding exercise that made my traps feel like they were going to peel off my spine like chicken wing meat. My hip flexors , trunk and arms were screaming as well. I get the craziest looks from people through the windows of my gym as I'm in the parking lot slamming this rope around like a gorilla, they almost look scared to death, it's awesome. Thanks for introducing the rope to me, It's intense to say the least... my roommate puked after four sets
Luca 2008-03-30
That's the point I like your program because it gives me some kind of fitness, which I like to have, I do miss my WOD and cry when I train people in CrossFit at the gym, so I'll just keep going with your program so far it has worked magic, although I wonder how much of my gains have been from strength gain and how much better technique? Regardless anyhow, I'm happy with the results, thanks again for everything.
Greg Everett 2008-03-30
Matt - We do the doubles as well, it's just coincidence that the only ones on our videos are alternating.
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