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Tuesday April 1 2008
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ec 2008-03-31
ok - that video was ridiculously awesome.

i don't think that settled any rumor questions, however.
sarena 2008-03-31
And I was afraid to be the first to ask and comment! Guess she isnt a hooper then!
Truthfully how is Aimee doing??
Jason Ackerman 2008-03-31
Do you have any videos of the lifts for today's WOD?
Jason Ackerman 2008-03-31
I'd like to sign-up for the first hooping certification!
Greg Everett 2008-03-31
Jason - Check the exercise demos page. The muscle snatch is the same as the muscle clean in principle. Db split snatch is exactly what it sounds like - snatch 1 DB at a time from about knee-level (start between the knees) and receiving in a split position. Alternate split legs.
Aimee 2008-03-31
For a nominal fee of $5000, I would be happy to personally teach everything about hooping.
claude 2008-03-31
that video was hilarious....
IamDT 2008-03-31
Well, now I just have to figure this out... What is wrong with veganism/vegetarianism? Are there any articles I can take a look at?

By the way, I started watching that video and did not "figure it out" until about half way through. I am a moron. That was very unkind. Funny as hell though! Will there be more?
Derek M 2008-03-31
$5000 is a bit expensive. How much for the yoga class?
Dan 2008-04-01
4 rounds for time of:
100 m sprint
10 Turkish get-ups 25% BW
1 min rest

Is this 10 TGUs each side?
Craig Snyder 2008-04-01
I hope for the $5000 that the hoops are included in the price. :)
Allen Y 2008-04-01
Here I was...wondering why there wasn't a April Fools PM issue this year.

Alicia Zhuang 2008-04-01
Wow this individualising Crossfit article sounds interesting.
Adam K 2008-04-01
Good for you, Aimee I know how hard it can be to bounce back after a setback like that. It's great that you've found a sport that really challenges you to be all you can be. Hooping is great; I've read some great things about it on Robb's blog before.

I also particularly loved seeing the results of how Greg's yoga training has helped him manage his anger so well, and become such an example of peace on earth. Namaste, brother.

And sign me up for that Cert!
thea 2008-04-01
it remined me of seinfeld when george does everything the opposite!!

very cool!!!!
-Tracy 2008-04-01
I'm glad Aimee has finally found the path to virtuosity and true physical health through a plant-based diet. Now I will have someone to eat with at Nationals next year! She has seen the light. Now it is only a matter of time before Burgener and Everett follow suit. ;-)

Sweet video. The dumbbells on the treadmill are classic. But you forgot to show the hooping on the Bosu scene!

Colt 2008-04-01

I am a collegiate track athlete currently in season. I run the quarter mile and train 5 days a week. How often should I do performance menu workouts? Will my recovery be affected adversely by the running? Additionally, what would you recommend so far as staggering the running workouts and the lifting (i.e. lifting in the morning etc.)
Any other suggestions you might have regarding athletic prowess under my circumstances would be greatly appreciated.

Greg Everett 2008-04-01
Colt - This training will definitely fatigue you for running - I'd say first and foremost to taper it prior to any meets. As far as scheduling, you'd be better off running fresh and lifting afterward if possible.
old bones 2008-04-01
In his Perf Menu article on shoulder rehab, Mike Rutherford recommends only doing external rotations, but not internal. I've got wonky shoulders and have been doing internal and external. Would Mr. Rutherford be willing to elaborate on his recommendation?

Should I post this question on the Forum?

Thank you for your help.
Dr. G 2008-04-01
When you are ready to take your hooping to the next level, you'll need to increase your strength with a weighted hoop! http://www.sports-hoop.com/

Bradford Green 2008-04-01
Man, I love April 1st around here

Yet, sadly, a year later I still don't have righteous pipes
Justin 2008-04-01
Aimee, you are smokin hot. whether your liftin weights or hula'ing.
awesome girl.
John Planow 2008-04-01
Regarding the 1-arm split snatch: an earlier reply specified alternating legs on the split. What about arms? Is this 24 on each arm per round? Or 12 on each arm per round?

dan colson 2008-04-01
Thanks for the comments Greg. Your site has been a major benefit for us in our OLY training.

IL Championships results
Snatch 80 , missed 85 twice and done it regularly before the meet
CJ 100 , missed it the first attempt and didn't get to try 105 as planned.

Great learning experience. Thanks again for the site.
Greg Everett 2008-04-01
John - For the split snatches, you're doing 12 per arm - I'd like to see all 12 done with each arm consecutively with an alternation of the splits legs every rep.
George Heckert 2008-04-01
is that 24 db snatches 12 each arm, or 24 each arm?
Craig Snyder 2008-04-01
Muscle Snatch 57% 2x3: 65#x3, 75 2x3
2 pos Clean (floor/mid thigh) 70% x4: 70#1x3, 95x1, 110 x4
Tall Sn 60% 2x3: 80# mx2, 70# 2x3
Rack Jerk 60% 2x5: 45#x4, 95 2x5
OHS: 95# x5
treelizard 2008-04-01
hysterically funny!
Sam Cannons 2008-04-01
Gotta love April 1st, sick sense of humour... i love it !
ec 2008-04-01
mu sn - 60#
2 pos cln - 100#
tall sn - 60# (can't actually tall sn 60% of sn)
r jrk - 95#

eternal blister is almost healed so wanted to skips pullups. went for nancy instead. 14.18 with 65#
prochargedmopar 2008-04-01

Straight Complex of
6x Power snatch
8x Push Press
12x Floor Clean

3 rounds for time:
8x kip chins 25#
12x DB Snatch 55#

Pro 2008-04-01
135# on the Complex
JimBo 2008-04-01
Smart asses!!
George Heckert 2008-04-01
Muscle Snatch 55#X2X3
2-Postition Clean 110#X4
Tall Snatch 60#X2X3
Rack Jerk 95#X2X5

3 Rounds
17 Kipping Pullups
35# DB Split Snatches

Mike OD 2008-04-01
I have totally been on the pool hooping program since college....I can't wait for the first national championship....whenever someone gets motivated to set one up....but it's just easier to sit in the pool....where's my floating Guinness cooler?
claude 2008-04-01
muscle snatch 100lbsx2x3
2 pos clean 175lbsx4
tall snatch 105lbsx2x3 really ugly,first time trying
rack jerk 150lbsx2x5

ran out of time 4 metcon...the one tomorrow looks great
Tom 2008-04-01
When I said 'right hand' I really meant he lost the use of his right hand for writing purposes.

mrjling 2008-04-02
Pure brilliance.
Evan Von Qualen 2008-04-02

Muscle snatch, 113 2x3
2 pos. clean 170lb.x4
tall snatch worked 88-108lb.
rack jerk 142,2x5
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