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Wednesday April 2 2008
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Blake 2008-04-01
Those clusterfucks really sound like a bitch!
Max Shank 2008-04-01
Question about muscle ups on the rings.
as an advocate of the slow muscle up I was wondering if it was normal to feel a slight pain in my bicep.
I can bang out slow or "big boy" muscle ups on the rings but during the transition i feel a lot of strain in the biceps and shoulder.
Greg Everett 2008-04-01
Max - Sounds like you may have a bit of bicep tendinitis - that stretch in the deep position of the transition probably aggravates it. Ice massage and cool it on the muscle-ups for a bit and see if it improves.
Gabe 2008-04-02
new here, what's a ball cross-chop?
Jason Ackerman 2008-04-02
When I clean using the hook grip I catch it in my fingertips. The problem is when I need to do a second rep or then jerk it my hand is in an awkward position. Is there anything I can do for this?
Matt Wichlinski 2008-04-02

When you watch the big dogs drive out of the bottom of the hole, they almost throw the bar off their shoulders a few inches with a hard shrug and catch it deeper in the hands with a better grip preparing for the jerk. Watch Dimas...
Max Shank 2008-04-02
definitely going to take a week off muscle ups. It doesn't bother me any other time--including rope climbs and tire flips. So I think maybe I'm going too wide on the transition?
Robb Wolf 2008-04-02
Ben 2008-04-02
Hey Greg,
was hoping to get your expertise on this issue: of late, I've been getting more aggressive with my 2nd pull, which is really helping my snatch, BUT I've also noticed that I'm crashing my hips into the bar, which aside from probably deflecting the bar outward, is extremely painful. I know that I should be going UP and not OUT, but are there any technical cues or things I can conceptualize this as in order to actually help myself fix it?
Greg Everett 2008-04-02
Ben - There are a few possible causes for this, but in any case, it's due to the hips driving too far forward and inadequate upward movement of the bar at the moment it meets the hips. When standing upright, imagine a vertical line running through your shoulder, hip and ankle - the frontal plane. The hips should move into this plane and then up it - never cross it forward. This is done naturally with a correct scoop because the final hip extension is occurring concurrently with the final knee extension and ankle extension (usually). So - first, try performing a standing vertical jump immediately prior to each snatch. Next, focus on maintaining your center of mass over the foot just in front of the heel - even when you're actually on your toes in the final extended position. If you maintaining your balance like this, it will be impossible for the hips to travel too far forward because you'd fall on your ass. If you're banging your hips, your balance is over your toes to counterbalance the layback.
Greg Everett 2008-04-02
Gabe - Description and video demo here.
Craig Snyder 2008-04-02
Fsq, 84%, 2x5: 45#x5, 85x5, 115x3, 135x2, 145 2x5
Clean Pull 100%, 2x3: 95 2x5, 135x3, 160 2x3
Rack Jerk behind neck, heavy single, drop 25% 2 doubles: 45#x4, 65x4, 85x2, 115x2, 135x2, 145x2, 155xm, 110 2x2

Skipped metcon today, although I was intrigued by the ball clusterfucks...that would be a work out all in itself for me right now.
ec 2008-04-02
fs - 130#
cln pull - 145# for one set, too light went to 165# x 2 sets
r jerk bnk - up to 125#, then switched to front to 160# (slight pressout)

no metcon, but im with craig. i think i will actually do the ball clusterfucks at some point.
Jason Ackerman 2008-04-02
FS - 205#
Clean Pull - 185#
RJ - 190#

CF WOD - 5 rnds 30ghd/25 ext.
Kramer 2008-04-04
Only did the metcon today.

That's a fun one...
claude 2008-04-04
front squat-235 lbsx2x5
clean pull- 250lbs x 2x3
rear jerk- up to 215, 195x2x2 (first time with these..they felt weird but i like em)

this is funny, short story is medicine balls at globo gym at RUBBER and BOUNCE...went to do first ball slam and it hit me right in the mouth, knocked out middle two teeth, they were both barely hanging, so i missed metcon to go to dentist to get teeth pushed back in....not fun
Evan Von Qualen 2008-04-05
FS-221x5 241x2x2, 246x2x3
Clean Pull-242-2x3
Rack Jerk behind neck-242PR, 181x2x2
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