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Saturday April 5 2008
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GHD reverse crunch
  • Snatch - heavy single
  • Clean & jerk - heavy single
  • Back squat - heavy single
  • Kipping pull-ups - 3 x max
  • GHD reverse crunches - 3 x 15

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B. McCarthy 2008-04-04
Having to cut the program down to 4 days a week during Rugby Season so that I can still get two rest days in during the week, so I did this workout today.

Snatch: Worked up to a single of 185Lbs, more of a power snatch as I am still lousy at getting under the bar on snatches but working on it.
C&J: Heavy Single of 265Lbs, have gone heavier in the past but legs were feeling a bit heavy this morning and the shoulders are a little banged up from rugby
Back Squat: 405Lbs, again legs felt heavy
Kipping Pull-Ups: 18, 15, 12; first set was a new PR unless I count back when I weighed 190
Had to substitute weighted Sit-ups as I don't have access to a GHD

Loving the program! Just started 2 weeks ago after a year of crossfitting (had to switch as I was getting too small). These workouts are leaving me energized as opposed to the beaten down feeling I use to get from some of the longer Crossfit WODs. Thanks Greg.
claude 2008-04-05
snatch up to 155
c j up to 235
bs up to 255
kip pu- 45, 33, 27
rev crunch 3x15

felt like crap..havent been able to eat for couple days

quick question, does "heavy single" mean a 1rm? or does it mean just work up to something that feels heavy...ive seen other saturdays that say "max for day". is there a difference? thanks again for any help
Greg Everett 2008-04-05
Claude -

Heavy single means you'll take the weight up to the heaviest load you can make that day without any misses (non-technical). A true max for the day would allow 2-3 attempts.
claude 2008-04-05
cool thanks greg, that makes sense...correction on my bs number...355

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