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Thursday April 10 2008
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On the way to The Patch
Rest Day

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Jacko 2008-04-09
I see fat people!
old bones 2008-04-10
thanx for the video. Hadn't seen the scorpion before. Looks like a good 'un.
saulj 2008-04-10
So bummed I missed this, thanks for the pictures and video!
Dr. G 2008-04-10
The "warm-up" that day was pretty darn tough, definitely almost a complete workout in itself!

It was a great seminar. The Patch is truly awesome, Stephane's warm-up stuff was great, and I'm definitely going to utilize Josh's teaching progressions with future clients.

Definitely make it next time if you can!
prochargedmopar 2008-04-11


Squats 205,245,265,275
PushJerk 135,155,175,185

3 rounds for time
10 chins 25#
15 T-bar swings 80#
20 Balance Ball situps B/W


SQ 95,105,115,125
PJ 75,85,95,105

3 rounds
20 Balance ball situps
20 kips chins
20 T-bar swings 23#

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