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Tuesday April 15 2008
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Backward bear crawl upstairs
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claude 2008-04-14
sorry another question...for the muscle snatch, is that 90 percent of my snatch or 90 percent of what i think i can muscle snatch? same applies to power snatch and power clean...thanks again
Greg Everett 2008-04-14
90% of your best muscle snatch, and 80% of your power clean/snatch.
claude 2008-04-14
cool thanks....dont think i was gonna be able to musc snatch 90 of my snatch..thanks again
Dreid 2008-04-15
Hi Greg,

I had another XFit related question. When doing the WODs, take Fran for example, what are your thoughts on scaling so that your time is faster and challenges you in the speed sense or using a heavier weight where your strength is the limiting factor in the WOD. This would be the difference between say...a 5 minute Fran as Rx'ed and a 3 minute Fran with 20 less pounds or something like that. Is there a way you like to approach this decision or is there a way you've found that promotes progress the best?

Thanks again.
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