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Sunday April 20 2008
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Matt Wichlinski 2008-04-19
what do you think of the slam balls and torpedo balls and power rope balls and etc. that people are using for core strength? And if they're any good where's a good place to get one or to make one?

Did an oly sem last weekend at Crossfit RVA in Richmond, Virginia that was conducted by coach Wilkes from team Outer Banks. My snatch has been stuck at 205 for a few months and by noon i snatched 225! 10% increase, needless to say I was pretty stoked. We broke for lunch came back and again hit a PR clean of 325, previous max was 295, thirty pounds in what seemed a matter of minutes. My jerk didn't improve much, but considering we were lifting for several hours before putting any weight over our heads, and lifting on only three hours of sleep, I don't think it was too bad. I'm not saying this too brag but more to inform anyone who enjoys the lifts and crossfit and fitness in general, if this stuff is important to you, do what i did... Within the last few weeks i got a pendlay bar, i got some real weightlifting shoes and i got some quality coaching. If you haven't taken similar steps toward progress, I highly recommend you do so or your performance will not be where it could be.
Dutch 2008-04-20
I have a group of about 4 guys, myself included, that are starting on your program tomorrow. I realize we are starting in the middle of a cycle but like you said it should work itself out. I wanted to post my numbers before starting and see what happens.

bwt: 150
Crossfit Total:855
squat: 315
press: 165
Dead: 375 (old pr was 400)

Front Squat: 275? ( not too sure about this one, i haven't done it in a while)

Snatch: 185
clean: 245
C&J: 225

Fran: 2:30
Elizabeth : 6:38
Any other markers you would like to see?
Nick 2008-04-20
If one were to start following your posted WoD, would it be better to start on today's workout or at the start of one of the blocks and rehash past workouts.
Nick 2008-04-20
Nevermind, I found the answer to my question in an old comments section.
Greg Everett 2008-04-20
Matt - I really like rotational work - that reversal of direction and absorbing force type stuff is good. The toys are cool, but I think you can get by just fine with kettlebells and the like. Nice work on your lifts. The Wilkes are a super strong bunch of dudes.Dutch - Those markers are fine. You'll probably find they change a bit when you switch to a high-bar Oly back squat and a stricter deadlift (I'm assuming you're doing a low-bar BS and two-hands anyhow DL). Good luck, have fun, and feel free to post any questions here.
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