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Tuesday April 22 2008
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Steffi 2008-04-22
That's the barbell complex I worked on today; no heavy loads due to the start of a new training cylce yestersay: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4v-WTlcg-k . Any comments on technique are still greatly appreciated. I know that I am lifting my feet way too much off the ground.

Did some tall snatches and easy squat snatches before that (double with 50kg) to work on pulling myself under the bar and

10-8-6-4-2 KTE
20-16-12-8-4 Pushups
20 Steps Walking Lunges with a dumbell (10kg = about 13% Bodyweight) overhead, switching arms after 10 steps

5 Rounds for time.
Adc (CFS) 2008-04-22
M Snatch
Jason Ackerman 2008-04-22

Is there a certain ratio that is typical from Snatch - Power Snatch - Muscle Snatch?

Unless I'm doing them wrong, mine are S - 145, PS - 125, MS - 115
Greg Everett 2008-04-22
Jason - Generally power sn about 80% of sn, muscle snatch about 65% of sn or so. So from your numbers suggest your snatch is limited considerably by technique rather than strength.
Jason Ackerman 2008-04-22
Thanks. That's why I'm looking forward to your seminar! I plan on adding 50lbs. to my snatch...
Aimee 2008-04-22
Josh Murphy (from New Jersey, CrossFitter) added 3kg to his best snatch today after only 1 training session! He barely lost what would have been a 5kg record!
He will be at the Boston Seminar too, so the two of you can have a contest!
Dutch 2008-04-22

slam balls where light. What do you use to get 15% of bodyweight for a slam ball? I have a 20 for me but the other guys need higher weights.
I had to do this with our group class so only did one round with the 20.
time was: 5:07
Greg Everett 2008-04-22
Dutch - 15% is fairly arbitrary in this case - it's an estimation of a weight people will be able to cycle very quickly with without being a waste of time. There's definitely plenty of variation in these situations - some people will wail on 15% like it's nothing while others will crump. With the metCon workouts, feel free to adjust weights as you feel appropriate.
Jason Ackerman 2008-04-22
it's on!
Alicia Zhuang 2008-04-22
What sort of footwear is the person in the picture wearing?!
Greg Everett 2008-04-22
Jerusalem Cruisers
Richard Thomas 2008-04-23
MS: 45kg
PS: 45kg
PC+PJ: 65kg
Steve Solano 2008-04-23
A sub for diagnal D-ball slams, possibly KB Crosschops?
Greg Everett 2008-04-23
Steve - Sure - just emphasize the down stroke instead of the up.
Kramer 2008-04-23
M snatch: 115 x 3
P. snatch: 135 x 3
C&J: 185 x 3 but failed the second jerk on the first two sets (half way)

Good wo

Metcon later
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