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Thursday April 24 2008
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Danny 2008-04-23
Can you edit these videos to make me sound more intelligent? Or would that be asking for a miracle? And, didn't you hear me say, "edit that out"?
Greg Everett 2008-04-24
It gives you character!
Aimee 2008-04-24
I would be happy to do a voice over. That would make you sound more intelligent.
Dutch 2008-04-24
Great Video!

Have i said that it is so nice to ask a question and actually get a great answer. Thank You.
On that note i have a good one that should be on the forum but i haven't been approved yet.
Here it goes: For the last month maybe two i have had increasing soreness in my knees. Both of them. It is right about where the patella tendon attaches to my knee caps. They are sore to the touch and feel sore when i squat. Yesterday during my second snatch i felt a little twinge in my left knee and really noticed a burning sensation during the front squats. Today it is pretty sore but with no limit to the range of motion. I have been icing it and taking some extra fish oils. Please don't tell me to take time off... unless that will cure me. Thanks for all your help!
Greg Everett 2008-04-24
Dutch - Keep icing (ice massage especially), keep up with the fish oil, and consider maybe a week of high-dose ibuprofen to knock down the inflammation. Start stretching your rectus femoris and quads in general more. The death stretch is the best for this. Foam roll the quads and ITBs a bunch too. Give that a couple weeks and if you're not getting any improvement, you may need to cut back somewhat on quad-dominant movements temporarily until it clears up.
Kramer 2008-04-24
I saw a post the other day about jumping in here, which I have done, mid cycle. I'm reading Practical Programming right now...what is the right approach to get started...I'm not a novice by PP standards...with the exception that I think I can make huge gains in technique?
Thanks in advance.
Mike 2008-04-24
To add on to what Greg has said foam roll out the PiriFormis as well.

You can find some good videos on the web on how to do it.

If you dont feel like stabbing somebody while you are doing it then its wrong.
Greg Everett 2008-04-24
Kramer - You should be fine jumping in as RXed.
Dutch 2008-04-24
Thanks guys. I have been using a tennis ball to roll with.
I think i am going to take the rest of the week off and hit it hard on Monday. I just gotta be smart. This sucks.
Thanks again.
Everybody at Crossfit ATM loves your program!
Kramer 2008-04-25
Thanks, Greg...It feels good so far...
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