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Saturday April 26 2008
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Josh Henkin (maker of the Ultimate Sandbag), Meagan, Mike Burgener, Greg Everett
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x66F 2008-04-26
Questions about DB split squats: Do you start from the hang or with the DB on the ground? Which leg goes forward? Is it 10 per arm? or 5 per arm? Thank you.
Greg Everett 2008-04-26
Unless noted otherwise, the rep numbers for 1-side exercises are total - so 5/arm. Per arm, alternate the split leg - you'll have an odd number (5) this time, but you'll live. I suggest starting with the DB in one arm, doing 5 reps alternating legs, then move to the other arm and continue the leg alternation. Start with the DB just below the knees.
x66F 2008-04-26
Snatch Complex
I have never done these moves before, so a lot of warm up
Clean Complex
METCON: 4:09
Boyle 2008-04-27
Did Muscle Snatch @ 115# 5x5 (cant get into squat position with knee still recovering from surgery0

then did Mark Twight's (gym jones) Secret Serrvice Snatch Test (10 minutes of 53# KB swings - alternate hands as needed) 158 snatches

Hang Cleans @ 135# 5x7
Richard Thomas 2008-04-27
Snatch Complex: 45kg 45kg 45kg 45kg

C&J complex: 60kg 60kg 65kg 65kg
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