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Tuesday April 29 2008
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Flexor stretches
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RynoGSX 2008-04-28
I just to make sure I understand the workout, when you says 77% is that 77% of my one rep max then do 2 reps rest followed by 3reps?
Greg Everett 2008-04-28
Ryno -77% x 2 x 3 means 77% of your 1RM for 2 reps for 3 sets.
Ben 2008-04-29
What are kick-backs?
Greg Everett 2008-04-29
Ben - Do a push-up; jump your feet up to your hands as if you're going to do a burpee but keep your hands on the floor; kick your feet back into the push-up position. Do 3 kick-backs for each push-up.
Steve C 2008-04-29
out of the snatches:

Power Snatch
Muscle Snatch

which one should you be able to handle the most weight with? Im new to this and this is what ive done

Snatch - 125
Muscle Snatch - 115
Power Snatch - 145

do these numbers seem correct in terms of poundages able to be handles by each?
Dreid 2008-04-29
Hi Greg,

This time it's a stretching question. I tweaked a muscle on the outside of my lower leg (below the knee) while squatting. I think it happened because I drifted too far forward at the bottom of the squat, my weight shifted towards my toes instead of staying on my heels. My heels stayed on the deck but it pulled on the muscles in my lower leg. At least that's the motion that aggravates the muscle now. Anyway, is there a way to stretch that muscle or help it heal or should I just leave it be and let a couple weeks of not stressing it take care of it?

Thanks a ton
Greg Everett 2008-04-29
Steve - Heaviest to lightest - snatch, power snatch, muscle snatch. Power snatch typically around 80% or so of snatch, muscle snatch maybe 65% or so of snatch. That your best power snatch is more than your best snatch suggests under-developed technique and likely flexibility limitations.
Greg Everett 2008-04-29
Stand and cross the bad leg over in front of the good leg; invert that foot so the outside of it is against the floor; bend forward at the hips (this will stretch your ITB as well). You may need to move the bad foot forward a bit and bend the good knee a bit to hit it better. Ice massage it a couple times a day, and hit it with some cross friction massage right before icing.
Steve C 2008-04-29
Thanks Greg. Yesterday was my first time every trying snatches so i didnt really know what weight to use with what. I'm sure, with time and practice, i'll get my weights up. Its hard tho because im working with iron weights and dropping it in my gym is looked down upon
Dred 2008-04-29
Thanks Greg, I'll give those suggestions a shot.
Adc (CFS) 2008-04-29
47.5kg (Hard)


Met Con
3x Agility ladder
15 Box Jumps 70cm
Richard Thomas 2008-04-29
MS 47.5kg
PS 47.5kg
PC+PJ 50kg

Will have to do Met-Con later.
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