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Wednesday April 30 2008
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Mark from CrossFit Manchester
  • Snatch - 82% x 1 x 3
  • Clean & Jerk - 82% x 1 x 3
  • Front Squat - 88% x 2 x 3

3 rounds for time of:
40 sit-ups
20 KB swings - 30% BW
10 box jumps - mid-thigh

Post numbers and questions to comments.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Ben 2008-04-30
What is the recommended weight for a sand bag when doing the clean and power clean?
Greg Everett 2008-04-30
Totally depends on what you're trying to do, just like with a barbell.
Steve 2008-04-30
20 KB swings. does that mean 20 each arm?

I dont have access to KBs, Dbs should be fine, yes?
Greg Everett 2008-04-30
Steve - 2-handed swings.
Adc (CFS) 2008-04-30



Met Con
Ab Mat Sit Ups
20kg American Swings
70cm BJ
Richard Thomas 2008-05-01
Snatch: 57.5kg
C&J 72.5kg
Front Squat 85kg
Kramer 2008-05-02
Had to go back to 95 for snatch, kept pwr snatch'g 115...did pwr snatch w/115 and 2 OHS.

185 C&J

205 pwr clean and 2 FS

Metcon later...finished with 2x5 ring dips w/vest and 1 minute sandbag walk.

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