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Monday May 5 2008
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peter haas 2008-05-05
BW 180lbs

Snatch - 160lbs x 1 x 3
Clean & Jerk - 188lbs x 1 x 3
Clean Pull - 245lbs x 2 x 2
Back Squat - 225lbs x 2 x 3
Overhead sit-ups - 25lbs x 8 x 3

I'm coming back from a knee injury and it's good to be back in the swing of things.
claude 2008-05-05
snatch 140lbs
c and j 200 lbs
clean pull 265 lbs
back squat 325 lbs
ohsu 25lbs each hand

all sets completed
Russell 2008-05-05
overhead sit-ups?
Richard Thomas 2008-05-06
Snatch 57.5kg
C&J 67.5
Clean Pull 87.5kg
Back Squat 110kg
OH Sit up (2x16kg Kettlebells)
Greg Everett 2008-05-06
Russell - Check out this.
Adc (CFS) BW 70kg 2008-05-07


Clean Pull

Kramer 2008-05-09
better than Wed...

115 Snatch
185 C&J
245 Clean pull
up to 265 good squats

vertical sit-ups, 25#, then 45# anchored, then 45# unanchored

sprinkled in in some HSPU...trying to work Shoulder press sticking point
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