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Tuesday May 6 2008
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Marshall 2008-05-05
What is a half moon?
Greg Everett 2008-05-05
Marshall - Check out the exercise demos page. You can use a DB, KB or bumper if you don't have a sand bag.
Marshall 2008-05-06
Thanks Greg
Richard Thomas 2008-05-08
MS 47.5kg
PS 47.5kg
PC + PJ: 62.5kg

Plus 3 sets of:
Explosive squat 70kg x 8 - High box jump x 6 reps
Felt good.

Greg - currently my training involves doing these WODs plus what is posted to the main CrossFit site. (I don't always do your prescribed met-cons as it is usually covered in the CrossFit WOD). I listen to my body to make sure I don't over-train/under-recover.
I really want to improve my squat - in terms of weight. What would you suggest? Increase the number of sets of FS/BS in the CA WODs? Back off on the O-Lifting and concentrate on my squat for a while?

Current Back Squat 1RM is 120kg. I have not tested FS 1RM for a while.
Stats: 30 year old male, 6'4, 92kg(207#)

Thanks for a great site. And sorry for such a long post!

Richard (CrossFit Sydney)

Greg Everett 2008-05-08
Richard - I'd recommend you cut back on the CF. I wouldn't expect you to make remarkable gains with that much work. If you really want to focus on your squat, focus on your squat. You can try some of the squatting programs from Mike's Gym and perform modified CF workouts (i.e. 10 min or less, greatly reduced leg work) maybe 3 days/wk max.
Richard Thomas 2008-05-09
Thanks Greg. I have downloaded these and will modify CF work.
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