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Sunday May 11 2008
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Start position for 1-arm DB hang snatch
Rest Day

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Matt Wichlinski 2008-05-11
when using DB's or KB's do you prefer employing the swing snatch or more vertical version?

My thoughts were if you're going for higher numbers (intensity) employ the vertical snatch, but if going for reps (volume) then probably stick to the swing to keep that fluid motion rollin.
Matt Wichlinski 2008-05-11
I was curious to see who could put up the highest wattage overall and highest percent of body weight up on the C2. What's average? What's elite? Does the wattage represent how much one could power clean, or is the movement way too different to tell? I weigh 190 and averaged 555 watts on a 500 meter row today, what's world class? 600's? 700's?
Al Flosi 2008-05-11
I was planning on switching from the CrossFit main sites WOD to these tomorrow. Should I just jump in mid cycle or should I go through the archives and start at the beginning?
Greg Everett 2008-05-11
Matt - With DBs, a vertical snatch; with KBs a swing.Al - You can jump in any time. This next week will be a back-off.
Mark Gleason 2008-05-11
Hey Greg, where are we? Cycle wise... Thanks.
Mark Gleason 2008-05-11
Hey, I just read the post directly above and you answered my question!!! Thanks, literacy pays off again!!!

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