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Tuesday May 13 2008
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Stephane Rochet making a bodyweight snatch
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ec 2008-05-12
ooo... ill have to to get our CFB genetic freak to submit a video. third time snatching (ever), he hit 175# at a bw of 160#. sort of ridiculous.

ill take comfort in the fact that, yes, he is shorter than i.
peter haas 2008-05-12
sorry to ask, but is that 80% of max snatch or max power snatch? same question for cleans.
Greg Everett 2008-05-12
Peter - % is always of the listed exercise unless otherwise noted; so it's 80% of your best power clean/snatch.
Jason Ackerman 2008-05-12
My second snatch (first lifter) is BW - 145lbs.

Greg Everett 2008-05-12
Jason - Nice. Send me an email.
peter haas 2008-05-13
Power snatch - 135lbs x 1 x 3
Power clean + jerk - 185lbs x 1 x 3


Dutch 2008-05-13
How do you want the video sent? Youtube ok?
Greg Everett 2008-05-13
Youtube is fine.
Mary Everett 2008-05-13
Although I agree that anyone doing a body weight snatch is a great thing, I want to point out that Stephane's 100 kg snatch is made even more impressive due to the fact that he is over 6'4" tall. Using the output calculator you see that almost 2x the horsepower is needed to complete the lift that a person 5'6" would require. Add that his name is almost spelled like a girl, he is beating the odds for sure!
Dutch 2008-05-13

With a little extra...
Knee is feeling a little better. Thanks for all your help.
Dutch 2008-05-13
Sorry, bodyweight is 150. Weight on the bar is 152. lbs
peter haas 2008-05-13
Nice job on the BW Snatch + 15 OHS, Dutch! Somebody's gunning for more than a fee T-shirt from the store, huh?
chris leach 2008-05-13
snatched 133lbs. last night at BW of 126 :D
1lb heavier than last week.
Greg Everett 2008-05-13
Everyone with a BW snatch - post a link to the video in these comments and make sure to send me an email so we can hook you up with the schwag.
Leonid S. 2008-05-13
I'll get one of my guys to email you tomorrow.
He got a bw snatch @ 190 on the second try snatching.
209 on the fourth try.
x66F 2008-05-14
BW Snatch


I am just learning the lifts. Pardon the jeans and bare feet.

Pat McElhone
Adc (CFS) BW 70kg 2008-05-14

Richard Thomas 2008-05-15
PS: 50kg
PC + Jerk: 60kg
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